Translation of encounter in Spanish:


encontrar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈkaʊn(t)ər/ /ɛnˈkaʊn(t)ər/ /ɪnˈkaʊntə/ /ɛnˈkaʊntə/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (be faced with)
    (danger/difficulty/opposition) encontrar
    (danger/difficulty/opposition) encontrarse con
    • Officials said coalition forces ordered the airstrike after encountering hostile fire from the location.
    • He said the troops did not encounter any hostile fire.
    • But they're likely to encounter a hostile European Union.
    • An animal may experience conflicting urges when encountering a threat.
    • Hypercalcemia is a disorder commonly encountered by primary care physicians.
    • Anemia in children is commonly encountered by the family physician.
    • I frequently encountered this problem as Director of Education for a small natural history museum.
    • One problem frequently encountered is determining when and how to intervene.
    • In 27 years of trading, I have never encountered such personal difficulties dealing with a customer.
    • But I've never encountered any real difficulties or trouble.
    • Longtime officers claimed afterwards that they had never encountered such stiff resistance.
    • Yet this was the first time he'd ever encountered such sullen hostility from total strangers.
    • Even if they could find the time, they often encounter another obstacle.
    • The proposals are also encountering some mild resistance from Congress.
    • Government's plan to hang every prisoner on death row has encountered an obstacle.
    • We have never denied the many problems we have encountered along the way.
    • Primary spinal neoplasms are encountered far less frequently in adults than in children.
    • The smoke from the fire smelled as bad as everything else they'd encountered so far.
    • Joint pain is among the most common complaints encountered in family practice.
    • Upon her arrival, she encounters open hostility from both her bosses and pupils.
    • But despite the hardships he encountered on the trip, he is already looking ahead to another challenge next year.
  • 2

    (come across)
    tropezar con
    toparse con
    • Upon his return he encountered Mistress Dorset in the corridor.
    • Rather, it appeared to be shock at encountering the person she least expected to meet.
    • It is only infrequently in life that one encounters people whose talents have been recognised and honoured by society.
    • The middle part of the film becomes a series of incidents, with the girls encountering people who either help or hinder them.
    • When you encounter people who are different from you, don't judge them by how they look or act.
    • In addition, the ethnographer will encounter many people who will act as informants.
    • He also used many non-professional actors for the people encountered along the way.
    • I used to dislike or even hate certain people whom I had encountered in life.
    • Wilson shared it with other soldiers, who passed out the small gifts to children they encountered on the streets.
    • Bands we encounter on the road are always in awe of our awesome van.
    • They beg for money, often using bits of broken English they pick up from the occasional soldier they encounter.
    • He arrives here at midnight, he always travels late to avoid being held up by the crowds he encounters in the day.
    • The traveling I could do without, but I wouldn't give up meeting the several hundred dance educators I encounter on each tour for anything.
    • In the story, Mulligan is described by a street vendor he encounters on a Chicago spring day.
    • She encountered fewer soldiers the closer she came to the interior of the base.
    • Now it is important to mention that, at this time, the only soldiers Kas had encountered were male.
    • He was a bit of a suspicious character to encounter on the streets.
    • I have dived before but the biggest thing I ever encountered previously was a five foot tuna.


  • 1

    encuentro masculine
    a chance encounter un encuentro casual / fortuito
    • casual sexual encounters relaciones sexuales fuera de una pareja estable
    • his first encounter with the law su primer tropiezo con la ley
    • my first encounter with the works of Tennyson mi primera toma de contacto con la obra de Tennyson
    • Our casual lakeside encounters evolved into more regular meetings, dancing and dating.
    • But you probably don't appreciate casual encounters.
    • When you go to work, or visit a park, it is possible that you will have a range of unexpected encounters, however fleeting or seemingly inconsequential.
    • The vast majority die of old age, disease or unexpected encounters with cars.
    • Bad personal sites bore us by telling us about trivial events and casual encounters about which we have no reason to care.
    • I'm thinking that this might be the best chance I ever get to have a casual encounter with someone new and exciting.
    • One of the downsides of being a responsible single father was the serious crimp it put in any casual encounters.
    • The notion of chance meetings and cross-global encounters appeared in two other works.
    • The complainant says that there had been one previous sexual encounter.
    • I well remember my first underwater encounter with a basking shark.
    • My first brief encounter with the film was at a very young age.
    • I recalled my recent encounter with the stranger, and my eyes narrowed.
    • He chewed reflectively, his thoughts drifting back to yesterday's encounter with Marina.
    • The last and strangest encounter occurred a couple of years ago in the Maldives.
  • 2

    encuentro masculine
    encontronazo masculine
    • But men have also reported unpleasant online encounters.
    • It was the nastiest moment in countless unpleasant footballing encounters.
    • ‘Border guards…,’ I thought with awe, bracing myself for an unpleasant encounter.
    • Although the unpleasant encounter is over, I have been puzzling over the cause of this gentleman's behaviour, which borders on rudeness.
    • The unpleasant encounter put me in a strange state of mind.
    • I recently had an unpleasant encounter with a guy who drives a tow truck.
    • The combination of the two leads him to an unpleasant encounter with the police.
    • I've had my fair share of unpleasant encounters….
    • When that fails, the young man has an unpleasant encounter with his family.
    • The U.S. took a major step, surviving an epic encounter with a skilled Japanese side in the quarterfinals in Adelaide.
    • She had to limp through the final stages of the epic encounter, warding off cramp.
    • But it won't be a bruising encounter - for tai chi is more about inner peace than unarmed combat.
    • Durrow had won the earlier league encounter and started in a very determined fashion.
    • She's evidently remembering her previous encounter with a gun.
    • He didn't survive his encounter with the men who are supposedly New York's finest.
    • Another defeat would have left tomorrow's home encounter with Plymouth looking ominous.
    • All four are expected to turn out in tomorrow's encounter.
    • And today's encounter against Celtic is just the sort of game he relishes.
    • Newcastle won today's encounter 32-9 in front of a 4,500-strong crowd.
    • He came back strongly in the semi-final encounter against Pakistan by making a solid 58 runs.