Traducción de encourage en Español:


animar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈkərɪdʒ/ /ɪnˈkʌrɪdʒ/ /ɛnˈkʌrɪdʒ/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (give hope, courage to)
    we have been encouraged by the response so far la respuesta que hemos recibido hasta el momento es muy alentadora
    • The public hearing provided an opportunity and a faint ray of hope that encouraged women.
    • We are encouraged to hear that confidence, but can I pick you up on a word you have used, and I hope you do not mind me doing so.
    • We hope it will encourage people who would normally not consider travelling by train.
    • I hope that you are encouraged that no one has considered the idea of looking on the web for your product.
    • I hope this goes some way to calming the situation down, and I hope the support you've had encourages you!
    • She spent years promoting and encouraging him, while Valentino made one bad decision after another.
    • She was also praised for her commitment to promoting the game and encouraging new players.
    • This story is part of an encouraging trend which sees residents taking charge of their neighbourhood facilities.
    • We shall see what happens, but I am greatly encouraged by this response.
    • Turtle's managing director, Jeremy Turtle, has been greatly encouraged by the response from residents.
    • In fact, he is very encouraged by the growing success of local theatre.
    • "We are encouraged by our third quarter results, " he said.
    • While this is encouraging what is urgently needed is a mechanism that will translate words into concrete measures.
    • We're very encouraged by progress that's being made in many Asian countries.
    • Fernandez's comeback continues, and the team is encouraged by his progress.
    • They were encouraged by his progress and the lack of any infection in his lacerations.
    • The number of first time donors at this Clinic was very noticeable, which is encouraging for the future.
    • While the plans are encouraging for the future of the Hub, they are small in financial terms and scale.
    • Since it was first launched in Namibia in 1991, there have been encouraging developments.
    • We must also encourage more students and journalists to pursue broadcast opinion writing as a career.
    • The reader is actively encouraged to take back control over her own health.
    • The aim was not only to promote the sport but also encourage more visitors to attend these high profile events.
    • All residents are asked to make an effort to support this initiative and children are also encouraged to participate.
    • Despite the dangers, some parents actively encourage their children to take part in the street clashes.
    • Higher education carries much prestige, and parents strongly encourage children to earn their diplomas.
    • All are welcome and new members are particularly encouraged to attend.
    • "Teachers have always encouraged students to talk and think for themselves.
    • Young boys are always encouraged to participate in sports.
    • Viewers were encouraged to participate at home and up to 10,000 people called a special helpline during the show.
    • The next meeting is on Thursday, April 7 at 9.30 pm and all local residents are encouraged to attend.
    • Readers are encouraged to submit articles to share their challenges and successes with colleagues.
    • Lets hope this great result encourages youngsters across Scotland to take up the sport themselves.
    • Residents are encouraged to join together in a bid to reduce crime in their community this winter.
    • I encourage anyone interested in ancient history to consider Turkey for their next travel destination.
    • I would encourage anyone else interested in this debate to try and get their hands on a copy as well.
    • Researchers from all fields of the behavioral and social sciences are encouraged to apply.
    • Students and teachers from all disciplines who can speak basic English are encouraged to apply.
    • People who have concerns are encouraged to contact their local Medical Officer of Health.
    • Scouts are encouraged to contact their group leaders if they would like to participate.
    • Interested drivers are encouraged to contact teams to reserve time in the cars in advance.
    • That's not our job, our job is not to encourage gambling.
  • 2

    (give encouragement to)
    to encourage sb to + inf
    to encourage sb in sth
  • 3

    (industry/competition/laziness) fomentar
    (growth) fomentar
    (growth) estimular
    (speculation) intensificar
    • Hens enjoy scratching, preening and dustbathing and the deep straw covered floor encourages these social activities.
    • Instead, the child is introduced to a story that encourages positive beliefs about self and others.
    • The scoring system encourages activity - the more you play, the better you will score.
    • It would also encourage the development of new tourism activities in the region.
    • She continually encourages growth, development and autonomy of all members of her team.
    • The poverty campaign is all about encouraging development in Africa.
    • Its widespread adoption encouraged the development of other methods of physical diagnosis.
    • This is generally accepted as beneficial in that it encourages innovation and competition.
    • This means that rising prices encourage competition, but falling prices do not.
    • They have to balance between protecting their profits and encouraging economic growth.
    • The substance releases the minerals into the teeth, encouraging the growth of new enamel.
    • Vaccination against all childhood diseases has been strongly encouraged by the government.
    • Positive role models for underrepresented cultures may encourage more participation in leadership roles among underrepresented students.
    • His actions would have been completely legal - even encouraged by the Dutch government.
    • The singers' repertoire ranges from sixties pop songs to madrigals and audience participation is always encouraged.
    • The idea of reducing the refuse collections is a good one, and should help encourage recycling.
    • Such autonomy encourages what to him is a desirable element of calculated risk-taking.
    • Banks encourage what is for them a profitable orgy of borrowing, and luxury imports surge.
    • The county council trumpets that it wants to encourage cycling.
    • She added as an afterthought that the government supports campaigns to encourage cycling and walking as healthy forms of transport.
    • All these factors encourage smoking and do not help efforts to reduce it.
    • At present society encourages smoking while socialising - - when it discourages it people will adjust.