Traducción de encouragement en español:


ánimo, n.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈkərɪdʒmənt/ /ɛnˈkərɪdʒmənt/ /ɪnˈkʌrɪdʒm(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    ánimo masculino
    cries of encouragement gritos de ánimo / aliento
    • his teachers gave him little encouragement sus profesores no le dieron mucho ánimo
    • At each step of the way the characters provide lots of friendly encouragement.
    • Miss Cartwright was unfortunately not the type to offer express encouragement.
    • Nevertheless, the developments I have just described do provide cause for encouragement.
    • He has been a constant source of encouragement throughout.
    • Please be sure to offer a word of thanks or encouragement to them whenever you have the chance.
    • I got some inspiring encouragement from a number of individuals during My Project.
    • Words of encouragement are a powerful motivator, especially for kids struggling to keep up.
    • Now the Australian finds himself offering similar words of encouragement to another team-mate.
    • Their clients were coming to them for a mix of escape and encouragement.
    • Talk with a close friend or relative who you trust and who can offer encouragement and support.
    • Also, we must push forward, even if there is a lack of skilled women, female teachers, or encouragement from peers.
    • With a broad smile, she worked her way around the room with hugs, pleasantries and words of encouragement for all.
    • He realises how privileged he is to have such support and encouragement at home.
    • I enjoy responding to their letters, providing them with information and encouragement to help them achieve their own fitness goals.
    • And I would like to give encouragement to the couple missing their little girl.
    • With Linda's love and encouragement, Cole summons up the will to return to composing.
    • In this unfamiliar setting, experienced educators needed and received support, encouragement and validation.
    • These wonderful people always find time to share information, ideas, and encouragement.
    • Were it not for the support and encouragement from my extended family, I would not be here today.
    • Elizabeth's tender look gave him the encouragement he needed as he asked for everyone's attention.
  • 2

    the encouragement of trade el fomento del comercio
    • she doesn't need any encouragement no (le) hace falta que la animen a hacerlo