Traducción de encroach en español:


Pronunciación /ɪnˈkroʊtʃ/ /ɛnˈkroʊtʃ/ /ɪnˈkrəʊtʃ/ /ɛnˈkrəʊtʃ/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to encroach on sth invadir algo
    cercenar algo
    to encroach upon sth invadir algo
    cercenar algo
    I don't wish to encroach on your time no quisiera robarle tiempo
    • He felt like he had encroached on her personal territory enough for one day.
    • The theory is that traditional bricks and mortar banks will suffer a loss of customers and revenues as internet banks encroach on their territory.
    • Maybe she felt like we were encroaching upon her territory, who knows.
    • It seemed to be the perfect place to sit and study people without encroaching on their personal space.
    • Providing you are not encroaching on their space, they are pretty placid animals.
    • He felt like he had encroached on her personal territory enough for one day.
    • They rang up and more or less told us not to encroach on their territory.
    • During times of increased rainfall, the sea exceeded its natural boundaries and encroached on land.
    • Illegal shops and businesses are encroaching on public land and locals are fighting each other over customers.
    • Personal media, in a variety of forms, will increasingly encroach on mass media.
    • Increased tourist flow may increase conflict with tigers and encroach on their habitat.
    • Where people encroach on wolf habitat, road traffic accidents and shooting are increasing problems.
    • Huge towers grew into the sky, as the countryside gradually encroached on the city outskirts.
    • Maybe your cat is insecure, but maybe there really is another cat encroaching on his turf.
    • If you went out the guest bedroom window you saw the forest that was slowly encroaching on our backyard.
    • Right or wrong, I think the public perception is that these measures collectively encroach on American civil liberties.
    • Of course, the powerful have always encroached on the sovereignty of others.
    • The maps also show us some areas that are still wild, but being rapidly encroached upon by human activities.
    • I lean across the table, encroaching on his space.