Translation of end run in Spanish:

end run


  • 1

    carrera rodeando la línea de defensa del contrario para acercarse a su línea de gol (in US football)
    • And he understood the situation when he learned the quarterback had pulled an end run on them.
    • Like a jumpshot in basketball or an end run in football, when the defense closes the direct approach off, the attacker must simply take another approach, around or over.
  • 2US

    (evasive tactic)
    (para eludir a la oposición) táctica evasiva feminine
    • But if further studies confirm its usefulness, it could offer an end run around the heated social and religious debate that has for years overshadowed the field of human embryonic stem cell research.
    • Usually in a case like this, with such staggering numbers of violations, he said someone is ‘trying to come up with a scheme to make an end run around the rules.’
    • What they are doing is an end run around the Senate rules and around the constitution.
    • And I just hope that the Supreme Court of Florida will be followed, whatever it's ruling is will not be end run.
    • The newspaper's editors described the tribunals as ‘the latest in a troubling series of attempts to do an end run around the Constitution.’
    • The wife is trying to make an end run around a contractual agreement, and she isn't a party to it.
    • In exasperation, Hoxsey attempted an end run by approaching the National Cancer Institute.
    • It's an attempt to do an end run around the legislative process.
    • ‘In an end run around traditional media, the Internet became the key player in dispersing information to a world hungry for details about the events in Seattle’.
    • Although, legend has it the ship was full, and making an end run around the authorities at the time.
    • Making an end run around the commercial theaters in order to bring a different kind of film to people, Baldwin is taking his film on the road to various informal spaces all over the country.
    • He instead opts to view the models of modern cognitive psychology as efforts to do an end run around the real problem of consciousness, which he deems to be its subjective element.
    • That could change rapidly as hospitals learn they can make an end run around insurers.
    • It swung at him again, trying to clasp him in both arms, but Al feinted left, then ran down the right aisle, trying to do an end-run back to the computer link.
    • This one-sided law apparently legalizes end-runs to let corporations weasel out of their obligations.
    • It's an end-run around the big plan for development in the field.
    • But what they want to do is make an end-run around the scientific community and go directly to the school district, as opposed to the normal process of having these ideas filter down from the scientific community.