Translation of endanger in Spanish:


poner en peligro, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈdeɪndʒər/ /ɛnˈdeɪndʒər/ /ɪnˈdeɪn(d)ʒə/ /ɛnˈdeɪn(d)ʒə/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (life/chances/reputation) poner en peligro
    (life/chances/reputation) hacer peligrar
    • Why change direction now and risk endangering Smith's achievement in Dundee, one of Scotland's few successes?
    • Would even you take the risk of endangering the lives of both Peter and Erin, our friends?
    • Your eyes are much too valuable to risk endangering them so make sure you don't forget.
    • By their nature, these risks potentially can endanger all forms of life on the planet.
    • It breaks my heart that anyone could truly believe that Michael would do anything to harm or endanger our children.
    • The conservationists argue the vehicles endanger life and damage flora and fauna.
    • It has been criticised for endangering the broad popularity of the game and risking losing the attention of youngsters.
    • The task force wanted to address the problem that arises in certain instances when a patient threatens or endangers a psychologist.
    • The third policy is to take every reasonable precaution not to harm or endanger life, either human or non-human.
    • Pollution is not only the biggest threat to human health and livelihood; it also endangers marine life.
    • He had earlier been found not guilty on charges of damaging an aircraft so as to endanger its safety in flight.
    • It's just not worth the risk of breaking an axle or burning a clutch and endangering other folks.
    • Moreover, as Hugh explains, the statement endangers American lives by providing powerful propaganda to our enemies.
    • Still, many Japanese have criticised the mission, saying it unnecessarily endangers lives and violates the country's pacifist constitution.
    • In pursuit of empire abroad, it endangers the Republic at home.
    • Corporate control endangers every aspect of our lives already.
    • But creating chaos that endangers public safety is not a civil liberty.
    • They emphasise that it is the mental distraction afforded by a mobile phone, rather than the physical act of using it, which endangers the driver and any cars nearby.
    • Revealing classified information is illegal, alerts our enemies, and endangers our country.
    • Some have suggested that the controversy endangers the brothers' lives.
    • Section 367 requires that machinery not be started or operated if doing so endangers the operator or another worker.
  • 2endangered past participle

    (species/wildlife) en peligro de extinción
    (species/wildlife) en vías de extinción