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esfuerzo, n.

Pronunciación /ənˈdɛvər/ /ɪnˈdɛvə/ /ɛnˈdɛvə/

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(Britanico endeavour)
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    esfuerzo masculino
    intento masculino
    he made every endeavor to help se esforzó al máximo por ayudar
    • Among my own more active endeavours was an attempt to hire a man to help with fetching water and doing laundry, both considered women's work.
    • Local administrators have undertaken to revitalise the sport and have brought to the Silver City a group of players and development personnel in an endeavor to achieve this.
    • The team maintained the pressure and Gore was rewarded for his endeavour with a goal to seal the win from close range.
    • We trust you will use your best endeavours to achieve the above and mitigate the effect that your delays have caused to the regular progress of the works.
    • The ultimate goal of these endeavours was to create a European identity based on common values and a common desire to develop a Europe free of wars.
    • The main aim of such endeavors should be to achieve a flexible ‘ubiquitous’ educational system.
    • The ecumenical movement is the formal endeavor by Christians to achieve unity in the face of denominational differences.
    • In our endeavors to produce the achievement awards, it is our intention each year to create the best event in the Aboriginal community.
    • We are grateful to have its commitment to supporting us in our endeavours to reduce the impact of cancer in our community.
    • The group standards mechanism in the bill will reduce compliance costs, and it is an endeavour to reduce those costs.
    • He has also opposed endeavors to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.
    • Their achievements in these endeavors gained them some of the social legitimation which they previously lacked.
    • He expressed his appreciation of everyone involved in nominating him for the peace award in recognition of his endeavours to bring about the Agreement.
    • This show isn't just a talent contest but is a serious endeavour to find a recording artist who will have international success.
    • The website goes further and tells how you can support this endeavor by becoming a producer.
    • This is a city that rarely sleeps, that never seems to rest in its quest for pleasure, in its endeavour at enterprise, in its inherent divinity.
    • They must again meet, and exert their best endeavours to settle the business amicably.
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    empeño masculino
    a milestone in the field of human endeavor un hito en el campo del empeño humano
    • Over 38 games application, effort, endeavour, commitment and preparation go a long way and we have them in abundance.
    • The Sunday Schools sprang from the same era of earnest endeavour, as did the widespread drive to establish Friendly Societies supervised by the clergy.
    • The basic requirement for each participant is measured by hours of endeavour and effort with no student having an advantage over another in earning the award.
    • ‘Other than our defensive lapses and the fact we forgot our shooting boots, I could not fault them for their effort and endeavour,’ he said.
    • ‘he has impressed me with his effort and endeavour,’ said Hughes.
    • This victory is a huge milestone for the club, as it is their first ever title in any grade, and overdue reward for the years of effort and endeavour by a dedicated group of officials and players.
    • Should effort and endeavour be punished or derided?
    • People like the Victorian reformer John Ruskin argued that the working classes should be included in education, so that all could appreciate the wonders of human intellectual endeavour.
    • But if you're a pioneering, high-achieving Scotswoman, what extraordinary standards of human endeavour are required before you qualify for a statue?
    • The drama, bravery and human endeavour involved in the prize ring seems to inspire authors beyond the common drudgery of your average sports biography and this is no exception.
    • Beyond its specific subject, it is a wholly credible representation of human endeavour, flawed, troublesome, occasionally magnificent.
    • Thirty years of human endeavour doesn't appear to have wrought any changes in the way we dress or live.
    • Rather, science becomes something that we learn to live with, and nature, not human endeavour, becomes our supposed source of inspiration and meaning.
    • It's about hope, team work, and human endeavour.
    • Yet, as always, economics remains an exercise in hindsight, and managing the ups and downs of economic cycles a task beyond human endeavour.
    • It is now almost cliché to talk of women having stormed every male bastion given their entry into and success in virtually every field of human endeavour.
    • The plaque tells us the sculpture is ‘a symbol of universal human endeavour.’
    • Because we believe that ‘we achieve more by our common endeavour than we achieve alone’.
    • The collective endeavour towards a creative goal is clearly something he thrives on.
    • But, the outcome that you might achieve from your endeavor also could be significant.

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(Britanico endeavour)
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    to endeavor to + inf intentar por todos los medios + inf
    esforzarse por + inf