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interminable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɛn(d)ləs/ /ˈɛndləs/

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    • 1.1

      (journey/meeting) interminable
      (plain/patience) sin límites
      (plain/patience) infinito
      (resources) inagotable
      (resources) sin límites
      (chatter/complaining) continuo
      (chatter/complaining) incesante
      the days seemed endless to me los días se me hacían eternos / interminables
      • It has stared at us from countless front pages and endless news bulletins.
      • Every day doesn't have to be an endless stream of cigarettes and magazines.
      • There were a multitude of stalls and an endless number of tractors on display.
      • And he has a few choice words for the endless number of academies and centres of excellence.
      • It involved sitting in an office adding up endless columns of numbers written in brown ink on blue paper.
      • We have tried a variety of routes and negotiated endless queues of traffic caused by countless roadworks.
      • She held on tighter to Devin's arm, afraid she may get lost in the endless number of streets.
      • They needed an endless number of supplies before they could even open the doors.
      • The stars are cold and tiny, but beautiful and endless in number.
      • It is separated into a seemingly endless number of rooms, each with its own mood and theme.
      • The basic game, as fun as it is, can be altered with an endless number of variations.
      • Despite endless numbers of underwater visitors, it still rates as one of the best dive sites in the world.
      • The possibilities are endless and only limited by the imagination.
      • If they are asked to fill out endless forms they will resent the waste of their time.
      • Unrealistic expectations tend to create endless problems and frustrations.
      • Those options are much more individual too, allowing endless personal choice.
      • We have endless examples of quite wrong readings that were taped, but never used.
      • With endless flights of stairs, we continuously climbed up them at a fairly steady pace.
      • Neither can we just continue with current policies and put up with the endless amounts of abuse.
      • Instead of spending our time on crafting quality content, we waste it with endless bickering.
      • This endless commuting could be wasting your children's precious time with you, as much as yours with them.
      • I leaned across the white metal railing and stared out into the endless blue green ocean.
      • The sky blazed orange as the sun sank ever slowly behind the endless ocean water.
      • Far on the horizon of the endless ocean, the shores of the mainland came into view.
      • Possibly it was the need for a change of view from the endless blue ocean beyond your deck chair.
      • She was leaning on the rail, looking out at the endless miles of blue ocean.
      • With boundless energy and endless enthusiasm, it's hardly surprising that he makes a natural volunteer.
      • Residents have hit out at traffic calming measures causing them endless roadworks and bumpy streets.
      • Behind him the endless grey desert rose and fell like an ocean.
      • And there is always one oddball who creates endless entertainment for everyone else.
      • There was an endless journey home of car travel, airport waiting, two flights and whining, exhausted children.
      • Or was it one final act of endless love from his devoted wife of sixty years?
      • I won't bore you with endless analysis, I bored enough people last night.
      • The excitation of the guitar string remains a seemingly endless resource.
      • Here your hotel room would actually descend gently to the beach, almost touching the endless blue of the sea.
      • She stepped carefully over Katy and continued her seemingly endless trek to the edge.
      • Not recognizing this, they undergo endless and continual suffering.
      • The plot strands are endless and allow for little character development.
      • The speakers had long departed but the endless column of people continued to pour through the gates beyond 7pm.

    • 1.2(innumerable)

      endless attempts innumerables intentos
      • the possibilities are endless las posibilidades son infinitas

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    (chain/belt/cable) (invariable adjective) sin fin
    • Shaking his head, the medic turned his attention to the next link in an endless chain.
    • An endless belt ran out from the bottom of the pile and into the boat for loading.
    • A Flemish string can be twisted far more than an endless loop type.
    • The problem is that I've run into this dilemma before and now it seems that I'm stuck in an endless loop.
    • I felt that my question did not register correctly and I ended up on an endless loop.
    • There, elections seem to stretch to eternity and back in an endless loop of dollar-drenched democracy.
    • Neither does she miss the endless conveyor belt of interviews with public figures.