Traducción de endow en español:


Pronunciación /ɪnˈdaʊ/ /ɛnˈdaʊ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    endowed with sth dotado de algo
    • Love is part of the nature of God, and humans were endowed with the ability to love as part of being ‘created in His image’.
    • It has been endowed with a mystic quality.
    • Actually, the larvae of most coral reef fishes are endowed with good swimming abilities, good sensory systems, and sophisticated behavior that is quite flexible.
    • Recent evidence indicates that some birds are also capable of UV vision and that insects and fish are endowed with the ability to perceive UV polarized light.
    • You have also been endowed with the ability to command and control.
    • Everybody is endowed with the ability to make ethical judgments.
    • Maria, Blanca, and Lucy are not in any way superhuman, nor are they endowed with amazing abilities.
    • Geographically, this region is endowed with tremendous diversity of hills, valleys, forests, grazing lands, streams, and canals.
    • You are aware, of course, that she is insane, but she is also endowed with formidable psychic gifts.
    • In addition he was endowed by a dynamic personality, buoyant spirit, and had immense personal magnetism, saintly kindliness and charity, displaying neither envy nor malice.
    • A Chinese woman who claims she is endowed with a special gift that allows her to heal others was deported from Taiwan yesterday.
    • Such a demand has been answered by computer manufacturers who are competing to produce laptops of smaller size and lighter weight endowed with wireless capabilities.
  • 2

    (provide income for)
    (college/school/hospital) dotar (de fondos) a