Translation of endure in Spanish:


soportar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈd(j)ʊr/ /ɛnˈd(j)ʊr/ /ɪnˈdjʊə/ /ɛnˈdjʊə/ /ɪnˈdʒɔː/ /ɛnˈdʒɔː/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (hardship/pain) soportar
    (hardship/pain) aguantar
    • I now understand the pain and suffering a terminal illness can cause, suffering not just endured by the patient but by their loved ones.
    • He worked for 37 years at York Carriageworks and died of an illness related to asbestos, after enduring a long and painful collapse.
    • It was difficult to gauge who had endured the more difficult week.
    • She endured a long and painful illness with courage and dignity that amazed everyone who knew her.
    • Other emergency services have endured an equally painful and challenging year.
    • We regret that you had to endure such a painful loss, and we offer our deepest condolences.
    • Somewhere at the back of his mind her death remains as a painful memory to be endured.
    • She and fellow patients endured the cold, as snow lay on the ground last week.
    • We despised and rejected him and he endured suffering and pain on our account.
    • Many patients spend years enduring painful reconstructive surgery.
    • But it seems clear to me that he does find some personal meaning in the suffering, the pain and suffering he endures as a cyclist.
    • Mr Foulkes told how he endured painful experiments in 1983, which have left him with long-term health problems.
    • The man before me would soon endure the most indescribable suffering - for my sake!
    • She endures the daily physical pain of her dental problems.
    • They have endured the most excruciating pain any parent can endure and turned in into a lesson in living.
    • He endured all of this pain without a sound.
    • He is the team's strongest player and perhaps the one who can endure the most pain.
    • They now endure the lowest living standards on earth.
    • It's difficult to remember that the two communities are enduring one of the worst natural catastrophes ever to hit the province.
    • But she proves with her TV show that there is no humiliation she will not endure to remain in the public eye.
  • 2

    I will not endure this treatment any longer no voy a seguir consintiendo / tolerando que se me trate así

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (fame/friendship/memories) perdurar
    (system) sostenerse
    • Your strength in personal affairs is your ability to build a well-knit, solid relationship that endures and continues to thrive year after year.
    • It has worked so far for the Murdochs, but whether the concept will endure, however, remains to be seen.
    • Above all, the stones remain and endure and, as he rightly reminds us, they too have a story to tell.
    • To remain competitive and to endure, museums are forced to continuously focus on the bottom line.
    • In my view, the truth lies in the middle: the principle of consent not only endures, but remains the cornerstone of the international system.
    • An image that will no doubt endure and remain very fond in the hearts of many people who come up here.
    • They married two years later, and their relationship endured, with occasional hiccups, for nearly six decades.
    • That, for me, was the start of a relationship which has endured and strengthened ever since.
    • And he wasn't the only one who doubted the relationship would endure.
    • The city would endure for three months at least.
    • The music endures and comforts, just as music endured and comforted in Ireland and Galicia during their years of misery.
    • The vibrant, benign energy in nature, represented by the white butterfly, promises that life endures and continues in some other form.
    • Various festivals have come and gone in that time but this one not just endures but continues to grow in popularity.
    • His work has endured and continues to be relevant 250 years on.
    • It was first produced in Dublin in 1904 but it still endures as one of the last remaining classics in Irish theatre.
    • Today just two huts and a brick building remain of the original hospital but the Canadian connection endures through the Canada wing.
    • The bombing campaign remains a controversial issue which seems likely to endure far into the future.
    • Yet none of those relationships have endured; perhaps because he has become rather used to living life on his own.