Traducción de energetic en Español:


lleno de energía, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɛnərˈdʒɛdɪk/ /ˌɛnəˈdʒɛtɪk/

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  • 1

    (full of energy)
    (person) lleno de energía
    she's an energetic worker trabaja con mucha energía
    • I don't feel very energetic right now ahora mismo no me siento con muchas energías
    • Youngsters have already come up with some of their own designs which cater for younger primary school age children up to teenagers who wanted more energetic activities.
    • And those who do get into the aerobics classes are cramped into a small room, which some say is not suitable for their energetic activities.
    • Is it any wonder then that the government is concerned with an obesity problem among the young when their scope for energetic activity is so severely limited?
    • There are literally scores more activities for those feeling energetic enough to choose from.
    • These activists are young, energetic and determined.
    • Some people may be skeptical and oppose such energetic activities and outspoken words from a member of the imperial family.
    • We need to teach our children to delight in energetic activity, not enervating entertainment.
    • An energetic youngster, she dabbled in countless sports before finally concentrating on hockey.
    • He takes an upbeat and energetic approach to exercise.
    • Folk dances from the Punjab were a delight to watch, and the energetic youngsters who performed, did much to make the evening memorable.
    • Kane, who is three and a half, has been in care since birth and is an energetic youngster who loves running and dancing and is always ‘on the go’.
    • The youngsters performed energetic dance routines and went through numerous costume changes to look the part.
    • She is targeting energetic youngsters for help as they will soon be free of exams and on their school summer holidays.
    • Mum Gillian is very proud of her son, who has always been a very energetic youngster, she says.
    • She'd forgotten how tough looking after an energetic youngster was.
    • Like all gun dogs, and hunters, this breed needs lots of energetic exercise to remain fit and healthy.
    • This is one of the reasons why you generally feel refreshed and more energetic after exercise.
    • His poems display a vigorous and energetic fascination with nature.
    • He was praised for his extremely energetic and effective leadership.
    • You are assertive, bold and energetic, and this helps you move closer towards your goals.
  • 2

    (requiring energy)
    (exercise) enérgico
    (vacation/day) muy activo
    squash is too energetic for me el squash es demasiado duro / fuerte para mí
  • 3

    (denial/protest) enérgico