Traducción de energize en español:


activar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɛnərˌdʒaɪz/ /ˈɛnədʒʌɪz/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (antenna/circuit) activar
    • The change in current is detected and the sensor's output is energized.
    • He turned when he heard the sound of electricity energizing the room.
    • It corresponds directly to the contact pattern energizing the radiation.
    • Electro-magnetism is the force which lights up our cities and energizes our household appliances.
    • Intense heat from gunpowder's pyrotechnic flame energizes electrons in the metal atoms and metal-containing molecules.
    • The clasp makes contact with the other terminal of battery to energize the light source.
    • When the coil is energised the molecules in the liquid align themselves along the lines of magnetism from the coil, and there they stay for a short while until the earth's own magnetic field slowly disrupts them.
    • 90% of standby power is wasted energy, consumed by unnecessarily energised components and inefficient power supply designs.
    • In a large galaxy, the black hole can reach a greater size before its surrounding gas is energized enough to stop falling in.
    • It's still energized by the solar panels.
    • There should be a visible light and audible warning when the treatment electrode is energized.
    • They take about three to five minutes to come to full brightness after they are energized.
    • The circuit is energised by 6V DC power supply and provided with a backup unit for uninterrupted power supply.
    • It is mostly the latent heat from condensation of the water vapor that energizes the storm.
  • 2

    (spirit/will) vigorizar
    (person) infundirle vigor a
    • I was tired and worn out, having been teaching all day, but left her, energised and full of enthusiasm.
    • It is at this place that we are energized to be more creative.
    • Yes, they must excite, energise and enthuse competent individuals.
    • ‘He is excited and energised by the prospect and believes it has much to offer the people of the town,’ says the report.
    • I'm excited and energised by being part of Walter Smith's revolution.
    • ‘It is exciting to see the kids become really interested in politics and good government; for me it has been energizing to catch their enthusiasm,’ he said.
    • His striking of the ball is excellent for a relative novice and his enthusiasm for the game seems to energize those around him.
    • Don't miss your chance to be inspired and energized by what Tom has to say about the future for business.
    • She began investing everything in her music which stimulated and energized her.
    • It is this motivation that energizes him to do his very best to make sure the students receive the best possible training.
    • This empowers and energizes you to move forward in life.
    • If there's a good fit right away, then they experience a sense of recognition and are energized to move on.
    • The deeper appreciation will motivate and energize you.
    • And I come away from our conversations feeling far more energised and enthused than I do when talking to pretty young things who should, in theory, be more enticing.
    • On his visits there, he felt energised, enthused and full of hope.
    • His style will excite the fans and energise everyone around the team.
    • If my enthusiasm for one activity drops off I can move to another that will energise me again.
    • And people are excited and energised and inspired because they realise that there can be this kind of empowerment and democracy.
    • Everyone felt connected, energized, and enthused; the team was ready to move forward.
    • Now people are saying we're pumped, we're ready to vote tomorrow, we are really energized by this election.