Traducción de engaging en Español:


atractivo, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈɡeɪdʒɪŋ/ /ɛnˈɡeɪdʒɪŋ/

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    (smile/personality) atractivo
    (smile/personality) encantador
    (book/play) interesante
    she's very engaging es muy simpática
    • He must have been a very engaging speaker, a charming man.
    • Never did she fail to warmly greet people with her engaging smile and lively chat.
    • His engaging personality, pretty face and impressive physique make him the envy of all the other models.
    • I look at his engaging smile and listen to his loud laugh and kiss his soft little cheeks and I wonder.
    • She smiled her most secretive and engaging smile and said nothing.
    • One of the most interesting houses in Mayfair, an engaging contrast to its neighbours, with a starry host of former occupants.
    • Michelle immediately responded to his engaging personality and smiled in returned.
    • He was an engaging character who delighted in good company and was a good man to tell a story.
    • The paintings Cormac selected for view at the Garter Lane Centre comprise an engaging mix of land, sea and urban scapes alongside an array of still lives.
    • Good looking, polo-playing and sporty, he appeared to have an eye for a pretty face and an engaging shyness that endeared him to many and helped him become one of the most sought after bachelors in the world.
    • He is a highly talented DJ, has a most pleasant and engaging voice, and would be a great loss to the radio station.
    • What interventions can be made at an architectural level to make our city a more engaging place to live?
    • Ade is a handsome 16-year-old in New York City with a warm, engaging smile.
    • From everything I know, she is an engaging, likeable person, but she certainly isn't coming off as much of a team player.
    • She has an engaging smile, she is discrete, and she is strong.
    • I hadn't noticed it beforehand, but the way his face lifted when he beamed highlighted the engaging way his smile was the slightest bit crooked.
    • Even though he had impeccable manners and an engaging smile, and also a ton of money, she knew he wasn't for her.
    • Valery is a cheerful person with roguish brown eyes and an engaging smile.
    • They realize the engaging city offers them a home and a lifestyle like most of them have never experienced.
    • It is as visually appealing as its story is engaging and imaginative.