Translation of engross in Spanish:


absorber, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈɡroʊs/ /ɛnˈɡroʊs/ /ɪnˈɡrəʊs/ /ɛnˈɡrəʊs/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (hold attention)
    to be engrossed in sth estar absorto / enfrascado en algo
    • Brooke rolled her eyes and deliberately turned her back to him, pretending to be suddenly engrossed in a fascinating conversation with Jane.
    • Just then, a silver-haired man with dancing eyes enters the pub and he and Martyn are soon engrossed in conversation about one of his other big loves, fishing.
    • Meanwhile, I was very engrossed in conversation with her and could not really be bothered with him.
    • Everybody else has to get out of their way, but they don't even notice, they are so engrossed in conversation.
    • He had been totally engrossed in his AP Chemistry homework.
    • Soon, Noah was totally engrossed in collecting the money.
    • Drinks were being ordered and Charlie pretended to be totally engrossed in that, which wasn't too much of a stretch for him, but at the same time his mind was doing a few other calculations.
    • Connie, who was totally engrossed in the film they were watching, jumped a mile when LeeAnne tapped her on the shoulder.
    • When she finally looked back at him, he was totally engrossed in the service, and she knew there was no way he would talk now.
    • I was totally engrossed in preparing the packages when I heard a knock on the door.
    • Danny looked at Katie as if to say ‘we should go find her’ but Katie was too engrossed in conversation with Rosemary to notice.
    • Smiling slightly, their heads were close together, and both were engrossed in deep conversation, oblivious to the rest of the world.
    • He was already engrossed in a conversation with another guy from the soccer team about a play that he disagreed with by the time she went to say something.
    • The two students were too engrossed in conversation to notice.
    • The classroom was nearly deserted, save Emma and Miss Bell who were deeply engrossed in their conversation.
    • The old man was engrossed in his conversation with the head advisor.
    • At the other end of the bar, Sal was engrossed in another conversation with Brenda.
    • Fortunately, Hartinger has written a compelling, engrossing novel in which serious subjects are addressed, but not at the cost of humor and good writing.
    • I found it to be an intelligent and engrossing science fiction film that didn't rely solely on elaborate special effects.
    • After watching the sixth episode, and still being engrossed to the final end, you wish there had been more episodes produced.
  • 2

    pasar a limpio
    pasar en limpio Latin America
    • However, Beckerman's lawyer engrossed the transfer/deed of land in Merry's name.
    • We accept that there was no formal document engrossed as the register of units.
    • The evidence from the Medical Tribunal that I could not recall was on 30 May 1994, two weeks beforehand, she had made an appointment with my solicitor to engross a new will.
    • If that case stated can be got in proper shape and finally engrossed and submitted to me in chambers, I will make the order in chambers without any need for further attendance.
    • After the official engrossed parchment copy was signed on 2 August, broadsides were distributed throughout the country.