Translation of enjoyable in Spanish:


agradable, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈdʒɔɪəb(ə)l/ /ɛnˈdʒɔɪəb(ə)l/

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    (day/meal/holiday) agradable
    (day/meal/holiday) placentero formal
    it's a very enjoyable book es un libro de lectura muy amena
    • It is not often that I have such a substantial start to the day but I admit this was an enjoyable meal.
    • For me, it was one of the most intriguing and enjoyable experiences of the festival.
    • The assembly was immensely humorous and an very enjoyable way to round up the day.
    • Many have found it to be one of the most profound and enjoyable experiences of their lives.
    • The film culminates in an incredibly enjoyable finale, one of the finest of its type.
    • The training was very enjoyable and everyone went about their work with a smile on their face.
    • It proved to be a very competitive and enjoyable start to the cross-country season.
    • Aside from the fun aspect of it for the horses, it is also an enjoyable event for the rider.
    • This film is enjoyable and visually gratifying.
    • The matches he had in the semi and the final were wonderful and very enjoyable to watch.
    • There was a terrific turnout and by all reports a very enjoyable night was had by all.
    • Wednesday evening I spent a very enjoyable evening with Mum and Dad down in Farnham.
    • Had a good chat with my boss today and I think my job is going to be pretty enjoyable over the next few months at least.
    • A party for family and friends was held in her home and an enjoyable time was had by all.
    • Many thanks to all who gave up their time to make the day so successful and enjoyable.
    • It's too easy to spend loads of cash, but also very enjoyable and extremely addictive.
    • His own schooling was made enjoyable thanks to two or three inspirational teachers.
    • Mrs Lockhart said that the river cruise had been enjoyable.
    • An enjoyable evening ended at the pub where a superb supper was provided.
    • This was another enjoyable show by the amateur actors.