Translation of enlightened in Spanish:


progresista, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈlaɪtnd/ /ɛnˈlaɪtnd/ /ɪnˈlʌɪt(ə)nd/

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    (person/view) progresista
    (decision) inteligente
    enlightened despotism despotismo ilustrado
    • in these enlightened times / in this enlightened age en esta época de progresos / adelantos
    • Buddha, the enlightened one Buda, el iluminado
    • With his reputation as an enlightened, well-informed senior High Court judge, Lord Bonomy is unafraid to take on the government of the day.
    • If Bradford is serious about being seen as a modern city with enlightened views, a good animal welfare programme is crucial.
    • As I say, the move is entirely legal and might even be described as enlightened and rational.
    • Their language contrasted with that of the eighteenth-century reformers who had entrusted the mission of modernity and progress to enlightened rulers.
    • It's in our interest, also, it's in our enlightened self-interest.
    • She notes that in the business community expressions of enlightened self-interest about the need for a healthy vibrant city are beginning to emerge.
    • The deal is a pension prototype for enlightened employers
    • So I think they will act in enlightened self-interest and keep up our coalition as we try to attack this enemy.
    • For the sake of enlightened economic self-interest they must, however, work more closely together.
    • It's not just a matter of solidarity with those who have less than we have but also a matter of enlightened self-interest.
    • Now, so it is in the interest, the enlightened self-interest of the developed world to help the developing world to get over their problem.
    • This book suggests that if you can achieve forgiveness, the side effect of forgiveness is a form of enlightened self-interest.
    • Fortunately, our enlightened employers do not share his prejudice.
    • The way to inspire your kids is with the inspiration of enlightened self-interest.
    • Kamen designed the space not simply to be an enlightened employer but to lure his workforce there.
    • It has come to spread strange new tastes from an advanced enlightened civilization.
    • He said ‘… broad literacy prepares students to act as educated, enlightened citizens.’
    • Those kinds of beliefs are not held by enlightened, intelligent people.
    • The impression is not at all of gentle and graceful housing as one might expect of a development in this enlightened age.
    • Due to his patronage of the arts and his interest in literature, he was known as an enlightened ruler.