Translation of enlightenment in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈlaɪtnmənt/ /ɛnˈlaɪtnmənt/ /ɪnˈlʌɪt(ə)nm(ə)nt/ /ɛnˈlʌɪt(ə)nm(ə)nt/

See Spanish definition of progresismo


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    I turned to her for enlightenment recurrí a ella en busca de una explicación / de una aclaración
    • At that point, I experienced a brief, dazzling moment of enlightenment.
    • The television channel's mission was once to educate the nation and bring enlightenment to the masses.
    • Though those that follow it really believe it has helped them reach some kind of enlightenment.
    • Few will ever reach enlightenment or discover great truths by oneself.
    • She hopes her writing will lead to global enlightenment.
    • Every few pages there is a quote (almost all well chosen) to add enlightenment or bemusement.
    • Indeed, both offer aspects of enlightenment and truth and they need to be held in creative dialogue.
    • But then again, stare long enough, and perhaps scholarly enlightenment can be reached.
    • We are still awaiting enlightenment on the whereabouts of this lane.
    • Students are heading back to town for another year, or perhaps their first, of enlightenment.
    • This column comes across a lot of peculiar things in the continuing quest for enlightenment.
    • I wonder if I may be permitted, through the pages of your newspaper, to offer some enlightenment?
    • In any case, now I've opened the sheet, I find more opportunities for enlightenment.
    • Some of you may have got wind of this important event, but for those who have not, let us deliver some enlightenment.
    • Yet despite this huge pile of paper, very little enlightenment has emerged.
    • I'll ramble on and on until I find some enlightenment, or a new vantage point to see the arguments.
    • Yet little of this enlightenment has reached popular awareness.
    • He told him that no one would ever understand what he had attained by his enlightenment.
    • The reader will gain little enlightenment, therefore, from these works on business cycles.
    • "Ohhhh, I see, " Aaron stated, enlightenment dawning in his eyes.
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    progresismo masculine
    tolerancia feminine
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    the Enlightenment la Ilustración
    • the Age of Enlightenment la Ilustración