Translation of enlisted man in Spanish:

enlisted man

soldado raso, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈlɪstɪd mæn/ /ɛnˈlɪstɪd mæn/ /ɪnˈlɪstɪd ˌman/


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    soldado raso masculine
    • When I was there, he only talked to the enlisted men and NCOs. No officers.
    • Some 300 officers and enlisted men were serving in these historical units when the war ended in 1945.
    • Standard military protocol required enlisted men to come to attention when the commanding officer arrived on deck.
    • We, the initial troops, had nothing to move into, and within days, more and more enlisted men and officers would be coming in to assume their duties.
    • Most of its members were reserve officers or enlisted men.
    • The army spokesman says it is standard procedure for military police to question only the enlisted men and officers involved.
    • He began as an enlisted man in an anti-tank gun crew with the German 132d Infantry Division as it moved across southern Russia.
    • Thus most of the company commanders, and many battalion commanders, were former enlisted men.
    • A similar kind of fracturing could emerge within the U.S. Army if enlisted men and their officers spend most of their careers on a single base.
    • In 1994, it had 503,800 officers and enlisted men on active duty.
    • He was an ordinary kind of guy who was drafted into the Army as an enlisted man and ended the war as a major.
    • Corporal John Henry Shelly was the gunner and ranking enlisted man on the tank.
    • For an officer to apologize to an enlisted man in public was unheard of, and the soldiers must have discussed the incident at length in the barracks.
    • Two U.S. Army enlisted men manning an experimental radar system spotted the incoming aircraft and called air defense headquarters twice.
    • This commitment extended to his officers and enlisted men, each of whom he individually interviewed before accepting them in the submarine service.
    • It was originally composed of approximately 600 acres with housing for 108 officers and 330 enlisted men.