Translation of enmesh in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈmɛʃ/ /ɛnˈmɛʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to be enmeshed in sth estar enredado en algo
    • I am saddened that people lost money, I am saddened that people lost jobs, I am saddened that a major company is enmeshed in a major scandal.
    • Even when their produce is earning the country billions of dollars, their lives are enmeshed in poverty, illiteracy, and misery.
    • Japan is enmeshed in a familiar quandary about how to provide military support without damaging its pacifist constitution.
    • The first generation was enmeshed in the struggle of making it in America, often changing their names and beliefs to fit in.
    • While he has never served at Westminster, he has been enmeshed in politics for most of his adult life.
    • Nerve cells, like those of the brain, are enmeshed in fatty tissue.
    • But business was enmeshed in state controls - precisely the sort of thing it had hoped to avoid by helping the Fascists into power.
    • Doing something to address one's situation or circumstances is deeply enmeshed in Western culture.
    • When we meet Johnny Rico and his pals, they are already enmeshed in combat, and we hear little about the war on a larger scale.
    • Vita tried to call her husband, but he was enmeshed in his own crisis.
    • On this basis alone they demonstrated themselves to be deeply enmeshed in a web of obligation and dependence.
    • It was like being enmeshed in a giant web - there was no way to escape the destiny that awaited this world.
    • She's getting enmeshed in a tangle of lies, and Tom is certainly going to find out about it.
    • Meanwhile, William was enmeshed in a desperate war in the Netherlands.