Translation of ensconce in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ənˈskɑns/ /ɪnˈskɒns/ /ɛnˈskɒns/

transitive verb

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    I was comfortably ensconced in a large armchair estaba cómodamente arrellanado / instalado en un gran sillón
    • he was ensconced in the bar for most of the crossing pasó la mayor parte de la travesía instalado en el bar
    • She collected me from the airport and I was soon ensconced in a comfortable bungalow.
    • Soon the baby is ensconced in a booster seat.
    • She raced to the elevators, only to heave a sigh of relief once she was ensconced safely inside.
    • Edward was a year old then, and we were happily ensconced on the south coast.
    • It has just ended in divorce, but both their sons are happily ensconced at their Grammar School.
    • Meanwhile, all the other people are ensconced in their homes, rationing out the milk and bread.
    • She is ensconced in the embrace of a plump white sofa for our interview, and adopts a relaxed demeanour which hides any visible trace of nerves.
    • Ken is conveniently ensconced in his very own bachelor pad.
    • I have a big project which I can't undertake until we're ensconced in somewhere stable.
    • Come Saturday, we were ensconced in our New York hotel when we spied delightful snowflakes.
    • I was ensconced on the sofa reading the paper when its shrill beeping tone drifted down the stairs.
    • By lunch time we were ensconced in the local pub where another surprise met me.
    • A single mother and her daughter are happily ensconced on a Greek island, preparing for the daughter's wedding.
    • Or maybe you're happily ensconced in a warm and loving relationship?
    • She was happily ensconced in a massage chair, playing with the controls and thoroughly enjoying her pampering.
    • He is currently ensconced in a bungalow in the town of Calabar in Cross River State.
    • However, once inside, they will be comfortably ensconced in well designed seats.
    • I intend to ensconce myself in a nice hotel looking out on Central Park on Saturday and Sunday.
    • They are ensconced in their old room in the castle when she comes to call.
    • His pre-tournament preparation had included ensconcing himself in a Buddhist monastery for a week.

reflexive verb

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