Translation of ensemble in Spanish:


conjunto, n.

Pronunciation /ɑnˈsɑmbəl/ /ɒnˈsɒmb(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (group of performers)
    conjunto masculine
    a string/wind ensemble un conjunto de cuerda(s)/de viento(s)
    • a choral ensemble un grupo coral
    • One of his strengths as a director here is that he has brought together an ensemble of great actors and his camera is not shy about letting their faces tell the story.
    • More than 25 bands and ensembles will perform more than 40 concerts on Saturday for the Pershore Midsummer Brass event.
    • The correlation works magnificently, as does the large ensemble of young actors, musicians and technicians from all over Western Canada.
    • As well as performances by the only ensemble company of actors in Scotland, there is children's entertainment and music festivals.
    • I mean, it's an ensemble of fine actors, you know.
    • He especially liked the idea of joining an ensemble of actors who each discover new sides to themselves both comic and serious through their willingness to let it all go while they dance.
    • In the 1960s, he and Peter Hall did so much to develop the concept of a permanent ensemble where the actors received proper training.
    • Some of the major events in the festival are given by the ensembles which bring together top musicians from different countries.
    • Backed by an ensemble of drummers, dancers and a guitarist, Thornhill explores the awakening spirit of a young black woman through song and spoken word.
    • Here, two ensembles of nine dancers mesh into tight circles as individuals hoist themselves aloft, top the mass and dismount, rejoining the group.
    • Parents were able to stroll around the Music Service's headquarters and to watch the youngsters perform in their individual ensembles and orchestras.
    • Children as young as 10 years old perform alongside the ensemble's core of semi-professional adult musicians.
    • Some of the traditional ensembles performing at the Festival in the Desert were made up entirely of women.
    • By sixteen he was performing and writing for large jazz ensembles as well as doing studio work in Los Angeles.
    • The ensemble cast is huge, and there are a few surprising cameos throughout.
    • The entire ensemble played with precision and sensitivity.
    • The result is some of the finest ensemble acting ever found in a weekly television show.
    • The sublime sounds of this local jazz ensemble will make you stop and listen closely.
    • She's the final element in an ensemble of truly wonderful actors delivering hilarious and memorable performances.
    • The ensemble consists of three pianos, three harps, and three percussion players.
  • 2

    conjunto masculine
    • The boots began the ensemble, black leather with silver studs outlining them in a tasteful fashion.
    • I chose the powder grey shirt, light shade of grey tie, pin stripe jacket and pants and to pull the ensemble together some black boots.
    • A white shirt and black vest finished the ensemble.
    • All that's needed is a blue dress for a harmonious ensemble.
    • After the addition of a pair of hoop earrings, a black leather jacket, and a black purse, the ensemble was complete.
    • Her shirtwaist style top was a mint green, the soft pastel bringing out her eyes as she slipped on a simple brown skirt, finishing the ensemble with a fine leather belt.
    • He wore a black ensemble that consisted of a traditional three-button suit, neatly pressed, hemmed slacks, dress shirt and silk tie.
    • The graduates were well attired for the occasion, with coloured convocation robes, inner suit and the flat cap completing the ensemble.
    • Samara was wearing an ensemble of a black velvet tube & chiffon dress with a huge light pink ribbon around her waist.
    • He was wearing a relaxed ensemble of black pants and shoes, and a crisp white dress shirt.
    • Jack went through his drawers of designer clothes, putting together a tasteful ensemble.
    • Her black leather pants and boots completed the ensemble.
    • The ensemble had a white dress shirt underneath a black blazer.
    • Viridian stands there in a red cloak and black gown, the same ensemble she wore the first time he laid his eyes on her.
    • He wore a thin black vest over a gray shirt, with black fingerless gloves to match the ensemble.
    • Her ensemble was completed by black stockings and heels.
    • Any rings or chains should be gold (in colour at least) as it just completes the whole ensemble.
    • Jesse was wearing the whole suit ensemble, minus the tie and the jacket.
    • I also hoped that to complete the ensemble a midriff top would be added.
    • The resulting ensembles will also be the inspiration for contemporary costume creations and performance pieces.
  • 3

    conjunto masculine
    seen as an ensemble visto en su conjunto
    • When the curtains rose, a full ensemble would be in view with this building at the centre sitting majestically.
    • The site and its structures were eventually acquired by the city council with a view to renovating the ensemble to house a municipal library and archive.
    • London Cries, depicting the lower orders of the capital, survive in three formats: as broadsheet panels of engravings, as ensembles of individual prints, and as illustrated books.
    • He confirms, backhandedly, that it's simplest to treat ensembles as we do individual artists.
    • Not to be missed are the ensemble of classic and contemporary masterpieces put up by stores.
    • Drawings that functioned as studies for individual characters in the ensembles help flesh out sub-themes of the larger, busier compositions.
    • The painting was thus almost certainly intended as an independent work, rather than as part of a larger ensemble.
    • Now, the meaning of goods - once found in individual objects - emerged instead from a total ensemble, the overall system of goods.