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consagrar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈʃraɪn/ /ɛnˈʃraɪn/ /ɪnˈʃrʌɪn/ /ɛnˈʃrʌɪn/

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    these principles are enshrined in the treaty el tratado consagra estos principios
    • Our most treasured rights are also enshrined in law, laws are something that only humans can make and comply with or break.
    • This is a very tough one as many of the American's rights are enshrined in the constitution.
    • These are rights enshrined in Article 10 of the European Convention.
    • This practice is actually enshrined in the rules governing the national minimum wage.
    • The Constitution should be about enshrining rights, not discrimination.
    • Until recently the right to land traditionally worked was enshrined in the Brazilian constitution.
    • A spokesman for Amnesty International said the measures had caused great concern, and contravened the spirit of the 1951 Geneva Convention, enshrining the rights of those seeking asylum.
    • In principle, its objectives were commendable, enshrining the idea that government information belonged to the people whose taxes paid for it to be generated.
    • As before, our constitution is said to enshrine the idea of Parliamentary Government.
    • They are contrary to the UN Charter, which enshrines the rights of the individual.
    • Newspaper reporters are deemed the guardians of free debate and the United States enshrined their rights in the constitution.
    • That might still prove to be the case if the judges reached agreement with the Government and the necessary protection was enshrined in statute, he said.
    • The right to a free, public education is enshrined in the constitutions of all 50 states.
    • It enshrines the past and captures images for posterity.
    • But tenant and residents' rights have developed, so that today, they are now enshrined in law.
    • So it is entirely consistent that we have now enshrined permanently in this bill the new rules around dual citizenship.
    • The proposed measures were enshrined in draft legislation and consultation papers published last week.
    • New measures were enshrined in draft legislation and consultation papers published in February.
    • Indeed, this notion is found enshrined in legislation in different parts of the world.
    • Respect for human rights and individual rights must be legally enshrined.
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    (relic) conservar
    (memory) atesorar literario
    • When the time came to enshrine the relic, however, it split in two.
    • The two brothers and their king also discovered the hill where relics of the previous Buddha had been enshrined.
    • Visitors picnicked and bathed on the flat slabs of rock between the eight broad strands on the falls, and then worshipped at the small temples enshrining hero stones.
    • One of these was to be a church enshrining the scene of the Nativity.
    • Sweden's most visited museum enshrines the warship, Vasa, sunk inside Stockholm harbour while on her maiden voyage in 1628.
    • About 27 km from here is Nathdwara, which has a 12th century temple which enshrines a unique black stone image of Lord Krishna.
    • From the courtyard one is faced with two flights of stairs one leading to the Shilla Mata Temple complex that enshrines the image of Goddess of Power, Kali.
    • In the centre of the holy spring where once stood a mulberry tree, there is one marble temple which enshrines some idols found at the time of cleansing the spring.
    • In 1978, they were enshrined at the Shinto shrine.