Translation of enter in Spanish:


entrar en, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɛn(t)ər/ /ˈɛntə/

See Spanish definition of presentar

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (room/house/country) entrar en
      (room/house/country) entrar a mainly Latin America
      the ship will enter port at 6 o'clock el buque entrará a puerto / tomará puerto a las seis en punto
      • the sewage enters the sea untreated las aguas residuales llegan al mar / van a dar al mar sin haber sido tratadas
      • To enter into dialogue with a culture that does not possess the ontological security of majority cultures is to enter a representational space of intimacy.
      • We entered the City at the original site of Temple Bar and descended Fleet Street, now a mere shadow of its former journalistic self.
      • As planned, Buddha enters the City to attend a feast.
      • When entering the Centre on Sunday, she was in a complete daze and nearly cried when she saw the wanton destruction.
      • The dreams of the younger players were already losing their sparkle just when they were about to enter a World Cup arena for the first time and should be savouring every moment.
      • This was during the visit of the Lady Nelson, under Captain John Murray, the first European vessel to enter Port Phillip Bay.
      • The shooting has sparked fears of a retaliatory attack by the victim's friends, who tried to enter the City Hall on Thursday.
      • They enter the Centre and are immediately struck by its sense of space and the feeling of being in a cultural retreat, rich and wise.
      • Two giant Haida totem poles have long greeted visitors as they enter the Field Museum.
      • To enter the City of Manchester stadium, visitors need to buy a swipe card.
      • It is Shakespeare al fresco and the spectator entering the Globe steps into an environment at once familiar and mysterious, past and present.
      • Get your troops over there, but make sure they don't enter the City or they'll be killed on site.
      • In the short run the number and size of freight vehicles entering the City should be reduced through measures to pool deliveries.
      • Some might even say we are entering the World of the Weird as this is one different-looking sixgun.
      • After paying a highly-inflated price for gasoline, I entered the Capital Beltway.
      • They entered Room 180 through its double doors and found it filling with smoke.
      • She shook her head, dismissing all thoughts on that matter, as she entered the Town Square.
      • I feel butterflies in my belly as I watch William Hutt enter from up stage center greeted by a long round of applause.
      • Unusually, all the action takes place on one set which gives it a theatrical feel with characters constantly entering and exiting from the wings.
      • For instance, when you tell a story, you may have a character who enters, speaks his lines and then exits.

    • 1.2(penetrate)

      entrar en

  • 2

    (period/phase) entrar en
    (job/course) comenzar
    (job/course) iniciar formal
    the strike is entering its third week la huelga está entrando en su tercera semana
    • It is expected to transform every life stage it enters.
    • He also noted that the party is entering its 20th year in existence on December 21.
  • 3

    • 3.1(join)

      (army) alistarse en
      (army) entrar en
      (firm/organization) entrar en
      (firm/organization) incorporarse a
      she entered politics at an early age inició su carrera / andadura política siendo aún muy joven
      • to enter the priesthood hacerse sacerdote
      • Following this he became a Schools Inspector, entering at this stage the same profession as that of his father.
      • The condition he has was discovered while he was a teenager and had been treated and noted before he entered Yale.
      • Suggest a book for someone considering entering the Catholic Church.
      • He did doctoral work on testing and develops writing assessments for entering M.I.T. freshmen.

    • 3.2(begin to take part in)

      (war/negotiations) entrar en
      (market) introducirse en
      (debate/dispute) sumarse a
      • In the last surviving section, the betrothed is introduced to and enters her new Byzantine family.
      • The national interest analysis notes some of the disadvantages to New Zealand in entering a closer economic partnership with Thailand.

    • 3.3

      (student/candidate) presentar
      she entered herself/three students for the examination se presentó/presentó a tres estudiantes al examen
      • 12 horses have been entered in the race se han inscrito 12 caballos para tomar parte en la carrera
      • In nearly all cases, the defendant enters a guilty plea before trial.
      • During a hearing on Monday, his solicitor entered no plea and made no application for bail.
      • She too had been given an indication that upon such pleas being entered, the prosecution would not proceed further against her husband.
      • He again reiterated that he would not have entered his guilty plea had he known of this additional licence suspension.
      • She entered a guilty plea without having gone through a preliminary hearing.
      • Nevertheless, success in the Islamic Games' tennis and entering the World Group play-offs are the landmarks of our national tennis.
      • I am working towards entering the City of Glasgow Great Scottish Run on September 8.
      • Luxembourg have entered the World Cup 15 times and finished bottom of their qualifying group every time.
      • In 1995 she entered her first World Games in Manchester, winning two silvers and a bronze.
      • England didn't enter the World Cup until 1950, whereupon we were immediately instilled as favourites.
      • The club's players also formed the backbone of the North Yorkshire sides that entered the Area Cup for county teams across the UK.
      • He relied on skill and perseverance to win his way and when he first entered senior County level football he was subject to a lot of hard knocks.
      • Should you wish to enter the World Handwriting Contest next year, please visit their website.
      • When he entered the World Pizza Games in Las Vegas, he won first place three years running.
      • To top it all off, those of you with a singing voice can enter the Sopranos Karaoke Competition which will begin before the end of the year.

    • 3.4

      (race) inscribirse (para tomar parte) en
      are you going to enter the competition? ¿te vas a presentar al concurso?

  • 4

    • 4.1(record)

      (in register) inscribir
      (in ledger, book) anotar
      (in ledger, book) dar entrada a
      to enter one's name on a list inscribirse en una lista
      • words are entered in alphabetical order se da entrada a las palabras por orden alfabético
      • she entered a cross against my name puso una cruz junto a mi nombre
      • Secondly, you can deliberately enter information about yourself into a digital profile.
      • So when you enter your information, it's going to a criminal somewhere in the Internet, who's taking that data and using it for financial crime.
      • Users can use it to enter information about themselves on any web site without having to type it in manually every time.
      • Where phones lose out to palmtops is screen size, the ease with which you can enter information and flexibility in choice of software.
      • Since then all the original material and volumes of fresh material have been carefully researched, assessed and entered onto the computer system.
      • Unsigned vouchers had been entered in the books of accounts.
      • Also entered is information about his or her family and friends.
      • New buttons formed, and on the screen it indicated for him to enter how far into the future to move.
      • He rubbed his eyes as she entered the last of their notes into the datapak on the desk before her.
      • If you think you have forgotten to enter a note for that bar and try to enter one, you will end up with two notes instead of one.
      • There's been much confusion over the pledging process and I will happily get you registered and enter the amount you stipulate.
      • She enters it in the register and hands him his change.

    • 4.2Computing

      (data) dar entrada a
      (data) introducir

  • 5

    • 5.1Law

      to enter an appeal interponer un recurso de apelación
      • to enter a writ of habeas corpus presentar un recurso de hábeas corpus
      • to enter a plea of not guilty declararse inocente

    • 5.2 formal

      (protest) elevar formal
      (protest) formular formal
      (complaint) presentar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(come, go in)

      enter! ¡adelante!

    • 1.2

      (actor/character) entrar
      enter Melissa entra Melissa
      • to enter stage right salir a escena / entrar en escena por la derecha
      • As they exit from the stage, enter three beautiful women from Ukraine, dressed in vibrant costumes.

  • 2

    (for competition/race) inscribirse
    (for examination) presentarse
    to enter (for sth) inscribirse (en algo)
    presentarse (a algo)


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    intro masculine