Translation of enterprise in Spanish:


empresa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛn(t)ərˌpraɪz/ /ˈɛntəprʌɪz/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(project)

      empresa feminine
      • So bold an enterprise, so boldly undertaken, is bound to provoke not merely thought but dissent.
      • The cases tend to talk in terms of there being a joint enterprise, or pre-arranged plan or talk of the accused acting in concert.
      • It is at this point that the idea of a joint enterprise, be it marital or based on cohabitation, becomes crucial.
      • Many view the European project as an enterprise of long conversations with little change.
      • We want added-value projects, enterprises that involve design and development, for instance.
      • Thus, given the scope of the enterprise, the project would inevitably enhance teaching and stimulate research.
      • The Universe was believed to be far too complex for such an enterprise to be even considered.
      • This used to be a joint enterprise with her husband.
      • The contributions of big game hunting to the imperial enterprise were multiple and complex.
      • Indeed most of the things I had done were really joint enterprises.
      • China and Russia will support a joint enterprise and have voted for the UN Security Council resolution of condemnation.
      • Neither of them are alleged to have actually wielded the knife, but were part of a joint enterprise, he said.
      • This made farming a joint enterprise with each benefiting from the other.
      • The emperor undertook great enterprises with enthusiasm; his son avoids them.
      • You are advised to take the lead with regard to joint enterprises and commitments.
      • In my submission, that evidence clearly laid the basis for the joint enterprise, at least as far as the attempted armed robbery went.
      • But you have a common commodity and a common end and you have a joint enterprise, have you not?
      • It is also an enterprise that complements other positive environmental, farming and rural development schemes.
      • Along the way, there are some moments that threaten to take the entire enterprise completely off the rails.
      • Next, you'll list the tasks that will bring about the successful completion of your new enterprise.

    • 1.2(initiative, daring)

      empuje masculine
      iniciativa feminine
      men of great enterprise hombres de gran empuje / iniciativa
      • the spirit of enterprise el espíritu emprendedor
      • Sometimes, however, it can take a little initiative and enterprise to secure municipal services for the village.
      • I knew from an early age what that comfort depended on: diligence, enterprise and initiative.
      • As a result, initiative, enterprise, and valor are once again at a premium.
      • He has the drive, ability, enterprise and youth to make a further substantial contribution to the Irish media.
      • Scotland needs many more people like them with ambition, courage and a strong spirit of enterprise.
      • It took a number of coincidences and lots of good luck to release this strong spirit of enterprise hidden in them.
      • Only then will Scotland match its historic commitment to tackling poverty with the new spirit of enterprise on which our shared future depends.
      • A happy combination of luck and enterprise has put a South Lakeland village on the brink of prosperity for the foreseeable future.
      • For the sake of Britain's future I want every child enthused with the spirit of enterprise.
      • I want to pay tribute to that effort and spirit of enterprise.
      • The spirit of enterprise depends on this will to win.
      • Or is it only the last chapter of the long story of our ability to absorb foreigners, and draw new strength from their energy and enterprise?
      • A baya of enterprise, energy and skill may be the proud builder of four nests in a colony, each happily occupied with a female on eggs.
      • Remember, inventive enterprise built America, not the Federal Government.
      • The spirit of enterprise is alive and kicking in Scotland.
      • It shows enterprise and the ability to get on with other people, and these are often better guides to character than academic achievement.
      • Big cities are both cradles and magnets for enterprise and creativity.
      • These grown-up children were usually those who had no spirit of enterprise.
      • The inequality in the world just now is reprehensible, but human ingenuity and enterprise can triumph against the odds.
      • But, I am bound to add, in the context of the spirit of Western enterprise, it should not surprise us.

  • 2

    • 2.1(company)

      empresa feminine

    • 2.2(business activity)

      free enterprise la libre empresa