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entretener, v.

Pronunciación /ˌɛn(t)ərˈteɪn/ /ɛntəˈteɪn/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (audience) entretener
    to keep sb entertained entretener / tener entretenido a algn
    • she went to entertain the troops fue a actuar ante las tropas
    • At least we were thoroughly entertained throughout our main course.
    • He was thoroughly entertained by a grotesque comedy that satirized a group of celebrities.
    • Dedicated volunteers entertain the members with games of cards and bingo, while some just meet up for a chat and a cup of tea.
    • Some of those so called old-fashioned games can still entertain the crowd.
    • We've got to be an organized team that is based on a skating game and entertains the fans.
    • Despite this, fielding gives essence to the game and entertains the fans.
    • The event manager provides volunteers who entertain the children and make sure the adults also have fun.
    • The fans are entertained, and the game can only benefit from the excitement.
    • They are easy to maintain, and can entertain their owners and themselves for hours.
    • Whether that crowd consists of Elizabethan tradesmen or Harvard postmodernists, Shakespeare entertains his audiences while challenging them to think.
    • Crowds jostle and a six-piece jazz band begins to entertain the captive audience as the rain sheets down outside.
    • The game modes should provide the gamer a plethora of scenarios to challenge and entertain the user.
    • Music and a raffle entertained the crowds amidst the stories of historic games and victories for the club.
    • The recreation centre also has indoor games, magazines and a television set to entertain the highway users.
    • Street performers from the world over entertain the crowd whilst buskers provide the soundtrack.
    • They maintain the enviable skill of being able to entertain an audience young and old.
    • The Captain entertains kids with magic tricks, games, crafts and fun activities designed to take their mind of being in hospital.
    • Having bands and DJs is a good way to entertain your guests and bring in a crowd.
    • I longed to tell them the game had most likely been made to entertain babies, but I resisted.
    • They will entertain the kids and accompany them on special bear trails.
  • 2

    (give hospitality to)
    we enjoy entertaining friends nos gusta recibir (a los amigos) en casa / invitar a los amigos
    • the minister entertained the diplomats el ministro agasajó a los diplomáticos
    • we entertained twenty people to dinner last Saturday el sábado pasado tuvimos veinte invitados a cenar
    • England will entertain Spain at Wembley Inglaterra se enfrentará a España en el estadio de Wembley
  • 3 formal

    • 3.1

      (idea/suggestion) contemplar
      (idea/suggestion) considerar
      • At the beginning of the hearing, I entertained considerable sympathy for the predicament in which he found himself.
      • I would not expect them to even entertain the idea that they could report simultaneously as a battle was taking place.
      • What amazed me was that my company director entertained this idea and sounded genuinely interested in participating.
      • She has been reported to entertain the idea of freezing the process of constitutional amendments altogether.
      • It allows us to entertain the idea of rebellion, diffusing that feeling without having to act upon it.
      • Granted, the novel isn't gleeful, but there's enough levity to entertain the idea of lasting love.
      • Down the road, she is entertaining the idea of applying for a license to train young girls how to box.
      • I toured other churches, entertained different ideas, saw things from another perspective.
      • However, if you've ever entertained the idea of catching a steelhead, the time to act is now.
      • It is possible to entertain the idea that the bank had a point.
      • One doesn't have to be a conspiracy theorist to entertain the idea.
      • You say there are some compelling reasons to at least entertain the idea of lifting the ban.
      • And he added that the company would be more than happy to entertain the idea of some sort of interchange if passengers wanted it.
      • Again the retail sector's cynics refused to entertain the idea.
      • Ashamedly we did entertain the idea of making him swim to the station.
      • Unless there's a specific call about it, I can't even entertain the idea.
      • When he came into her life, she had reached a stage where she was completely happy not to entertain the idea of marrying again.
      • So I began entertaining the idea of making a martial arts film.
      • The lawyer denied having entertained the idea for a second.
      • Patrick only entertained these imaginings for a second before he dismissed them as childish and silly .

    • 3.2

      (doubt/suspicions) abrigar formal
      (doubt/suspicions) albergar formal

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (provide entertainment)
    • Most families had a house for sleeping and a small cook house in the back, and some had a guest house for entertaining visitors.
    • Having bar furniture in your house, you will be able to entertain friends and guests more easily.
    • It is on their behalf, therefore, that he is taking action if he entertains guests and gives them food and drink.
    • Advertisers and invited guests were entertained to a lunch of Pembrokeshire produce.
    • Two weeks after the wedding, the couple entertains family and friends at a gala called a ‘Second Sunday.’
    • He often entertains family and friends coming to the wine country on weekends.
    • We spent countless summer nights entertaining family and friends in our new gazebo.
    • I have no place to plant an herb garden, and there simply isn't room for us to entertain family and friends.
    • ‘It is a splendid place to entertain guests or clients,’ says a member who asks not to be named.
    • Two hundred guests were entertained to an eloquent and sumptuous wedding feast in a very elaborate and stylish reception hall.
  • 2

    (have guests)
    they entertain a lot reciben mucho / a menudo