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entretenimiento, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɛn(t)ərˈteɪnmənt/ /ɛntəˈteɪnm(ə)nt/

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    • 1.1(amusement)

      entretenimiento masculino
      I only play for my own entertainment solo toco para entretenerme
      • entertainment guide guía del ocio / del entretenimiento
      • it doesn't have much entertainment value no es muy entretenido / ameno
      • The weekend will be a real family outing with lots of entertainment and amusements for children.
      • This show is guaranteed to provide a night of pure enjoyment and entertainment.
      • This gives the show a sense of amusement and entertainment that can only befit a game.
      • They also take part in travel and exchange programmes, sports and light entertainment.
      • They did not have enough money to pay for family entertainment or recreation.
      • Literary people can sometimes be very snobbish about reading for pure pleasure, for entertainment.
      • News is now entertainment and fluff, distracting us from issues important to us.
      • At the moment there are just four channels which includes content such as entertainment, films and sports.
      • It is updated daily with news, sport, features, entertainment, columns and business.
      • Readers like to be entertained and good entertainment requires conflict.
      • Curling is a fun sport that provides entertainment for players and spectators alike.
      • Now, the company's client base covers almost every facet of sport and entertainment.
      • Its focus may also be changed to incorporate more sport and entertainment.
      • It is one of the greatest television entertainment formats ever devised.
      • Now she wanted to know a bit more about the game pieces, as to further the enjoyment of the entertainment.
      • Look at advertising and the mass media, not to mention corporate entertainment, sport and politics.
      • In the world of sports entertainment, you have to be able to roll with all the punches.
      • The focus of sport as entertainment has shifted from the live audience to the remote audience.
      • As much watching tennis is entertaining, it still comes first as a sport - not entertainment.
      • It's done for leisure and entertainment, and is taken seriously by its participants.

    • 1.2(show)

      espectáculo masculino
      (at funfair) atracción femenino
      • Stocking groups from across York will perform renaissance-style entertainments during the free event.
      • It was the primary musical element at Balinese Hindu rituals, social events and traditional entertainments.
      • We should have the full list of events and entertainments in next week's column and we will let you know if there are any last minute changes.
      • The festival will be augmented by plenty of entertainments, Dragon racing, an exhibition of cars, and a French market.
      • These plays, designed to combat licentious carnival entertainments, were spoken but had some music.
      • In brilliant festivals and noisy entertainments, there is always, at bottom, a sense of emptiness prevalent.
      • The cold months ahead also promise a veritable buffet of supernatural entertainments.
      • There were several musical entertainments going on, adding to the sense of occasion.
      • There is the usual huge range of agricultural-related events for the day, as well as many family entertainments at the occasion.
      • They hit on the idea of a grand jam day showcasing all the platform activities together with live music and a host of other entertainments for young people.
      • All the outdoor entertainments will go ahead and the other events are well planned for.
      • Soccer matches and other entertainments were to be banned after dark.
      • This year there will also be an exhibit about historical musical entertainments at the palace.
      • The free Saturday night concert should still provide the main focus, but more entertainments could be laid on during the day in the central arena and main stage.
      • People also celebrated the Spring Festival with different kinds of outings and entertainments.
      • Masquerades, extraordinarily popular entertainments in the eighteenth century, were morally suspect events.
      • But to get back to the criticism: Games are flashy, degraded, violent little entertainments for adolescent boys.
      • In a time when authors need to make their mark against ever more competing entertainments, the story behind a book has become at least as important as the one the volume tells.
      • But that figure has plummeted as the popularity of the swimming pool has been replaced by other entertainments, such as bowling and cinema.
      • Toys and childhood entertainments are powerful vehicles of culture.

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    (allowance/expenses) (before noun) de representación
    she devoted herself to the entertainment of her guests se dedicó a atender a sus invitados