Translation of enthralling in Spanish:


fascinante, adj.

Pronunciation /ɛnˈθrɔlɪŋ/ /ɪnˈθrɔːlɪŋ/ /ɛnˈθrɔːlɪŋ/

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    • What is more, the use of a black panel in the background had an enthralling effect.
    • Providing the Games continue free of security problems, the next fortnight promises to be enthralling.
    • The Diablo games haven't exactly carved out their niche in gaming history with their rich, enthralling narratives.
    • The most enthralling aspect of No Direction Home was undoubtedly Dylan's willing participation.
    • Certainly enthralling is the 14-minute, emotionally soaring offering from vocalist Khan.
    • This has been quite simply enthralling television.
    • The sight this shower presents on Earth is expected to be enthralling.
    • For me it was a source of enthralling empathy.
    • The color plates of hundreds and hundreds of species are breathtaking and enthralling.
    • A lone tourist baked in the sun as he lost himself in what must have been an enthralling book.
    • The music is, as usual, extremely complex, enthralling and exhilarating.
    • His comments are just as enthralling as his site.
    • Most of us find the oceans enthralling.
    • Although the game was a low scoring encounter it was still thoroughly enthralling.
    • The Last Emperor is one of the most artful and enthralling epics ever committed to film.
    • Some of these notes are so enthralling that the reader can easily be sidetracked from the main text.
    • As I mentioned in the homework addendum, the storyline was enthralling.
    • His writing is lucid and enthralling.
    • What you get is an absolutely enthralling listen, one built with rapturous conduction and taut harmony.
    • A repeat of this enthralling spectacle would send everyone home happy, if a little drained.