Translation of enthuse in Spanish:


mostrarse muy entusiasmado, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈθ(j)uz/ /ɛnˈθ(j)uz/ /ɪnˈθjuːz/ /ɛnˈθjuːz/

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intransitive verb

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    mostrarse muy entusiasmado
    to enthuse about/over sth mostrarse muy entusiasmado con algo
    • This weekend I'm giving a masterclass to inspire and enthuse about the instrument.
    • Although we couldn't enthuse about our meal, at least customer care and fire evacuation were of a high standard.
    • I similarly enthuse about Ferdinand's mind now fired up, not frozen by fear and anger, able to take a different angle on valuing its ability to think, and to think very well.
    • Others dining enthused over the wonderful atmosphere, attractive decor, courteous staff and excellent value for money.
    • He was also offered a taste of sundried tomato and basil sausages, and enthused over the slices of venison, before stopping to buy a leg of pork.
    • Critics like to enthuse about Miles Davis in the 1950s and '60s and disregard his output during the 1970s, a creative period after which he retired for several years.
    • Apart from the sharpshooters there was little to enthuse about.
    • One does not have to strain, however, to enthuse about Indonesia's performance - remarkable so soon following its entry into democratic elections.
    • A few months ago, I stood on the galleried balcony of the town hall, listening to the mayor enthuse about the place he loved.
    • Early in his career I saw little to enthuse about and much to be frightened of, but in the last few matches he has got progressively stronger and his defensive strength and bravery were evident.
    • It is why he'll sometimes step from the technical area straight into a post-match interview and enthuse about something he has just seen in a match that may have left the assembled media cold.
    • That is an attitude to enthuse about when you visit five wineries a day, and it is a jolly approach in a region that has had nothing but seriously bad press over its 2004 vintage.
    • A smashing final 25 minutes gave the 9,000 attendance plenty to enthuse about at sun-drenched Hyde Park on Sunday.
    • The club has a very active participation at all levels and members had plenty to enthuse about when they attended the recent presentation night in the Western Hotel.
    • At schools level, there was plenty to enthuse about.
    • I wouldn't want to enthuse about it afterwards.
    • It was perfect to dip naan bread in, and the pilau rice was wolfed down by Matt who seemed to enthuse about how special the chef's special was with every mouthful.
    • I sometimes find it difficult to enthuse about Chardonnay.
    • There was little to enthuse about in the early stages of the second period as Villa continued to probe more in hope than with any conviction.
    • After all, it's often more fun to rail about a terrible movie than to enthuse about a good one - but you get the idea.

transitive verb

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