Translation of enthusiasm in Spanish:


entusiasmo, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈθ(j)uziˌæzəm/ /ɛnˈθ(j)uziˌæzəm/ /ɪnˈθjuːzɪaz(ə)m/ /ɛnˈθjuːzɪaz(ə)m/

Definition of entusiasmo in Spanish


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    entusiasmo masculine
    I can't work up any enthusiasm for the idea no consigo entusiasmarme con la idea / que la idea me entusiasme
    • It was always hard then to create much interest or enthusiasm for it here in London.
    • At the time, the parish councillors expressed enthusiasm for the idea.
    • Many have expressed enthusiasm for the kind of farming that the Limestone Country project will support.
    • It's a display of loyalty and enthusiasm for a brand that is seen as fun, friendly and different.
    • They chose teaching as a career because they loved their subject and wanted to share their enthusiasm with others.
    • In the course of her discussion she expressed her enthusiasm for taking this business.
    • However, full awareness of this has not curbed people's enthusiasm for car purchases.
    • It also describes his great enthusiasm for everything his company made or did.
    • She has been successful in large part because her enthusiasm for the hobby is contagious.
    • Chen's enthusiasm for film came from the numerous movies she had seen in her childhood.
    • He said he had great personal enthusiasm for the project and praised the hard work that had gone into it.
    • Her obvious enthusiasm for her subject certainly increased our afternoon's enjoyment.
    • Young people showed little interest in past media and much enthusiasm for contemporary media.
    • Can the party get out of its enthusiasm for the single currency if the public mood swings against it?
    • Throw in the referendum and this adds to people's confusion and lack of enthusiasm for the vote.
    • All that boundless enthusiasm for a linear existence made me feel nauseous.
    • However, there is no doubting his enthusiasm for this little-known genre.
    • The teaching staff had shown great enthusiasm for the project, and this added to that of the students.
    • Already it has commented on this newspaper's enthusiasm for the idea, and the endorsement of local MPs.
    • He tries as hard as he can on the course, but given his lack of enthusiasm for the competition, that is not enough to produce his best golf.