Translation of enthusiast in Spanish:


entusiasta, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈθ(j)uziˌæst/ /ɛnˈθ(j)uziˌæst/ /ɪnˈθjuːzɪast/ /ɛnˈθjuːzɪast/

Definition of entusiasta in Spanish


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    entusiasta masculine, feminine
    • Unless you are an enthusiast for such things, these annual events don't have a ‘wow’ factor.
    • He had been a long-standing enthusiast for home rule at a time when it merely served to reinforce his marginal status in the party.
    • A breathless enthusiast for the wired world, he writes well enough to take happy Luddites such as me along with him.
    • He is also an enthusiast for newer aircraft, which are more fuel-efficient but also more expensive.
    • He was an enthusiast for the theatre and university educated.
    • He was a leading and ardent enthusiast for the very inward investment that he now equally enthusiastically disclaims.
    • A model aircraft enthusiast for many years, he painstakingly built the helicopter from a kit last year.
    • The store is expected to attract interest from the sports enthusiasts who frequent the Arena complex.
    • The enthusiast for Puritan literature will welcome, read and apply the content of this book.
    • The event is expected to attract a lot of interest among dart enthusiasts and all are welcome on the night.
    • The people involved would class themselves as enthusiasts interested in the survival of the scene.
    • The last game of the year is traditionally the time football enthusiasts and pundits switch to full clairvoyance mode.
    • For a change the zoo authorities want the wildlife enthusiasts to suggest a name for this female baboon.
    • Gardening enthusiasts are turning detective to try and find the origins of a carved statuette.
    • It has captured the imagination of the public and has accrued a loyal following of enthusiasts.
    • For the dance enthusiast, ballet conveys the strength and fragility of the human spirit through its grace and agility.
    • The advent of the old-new technology is something airship enthusiasts thought would never happen.
    • Falconry enthusiasts wanting to delve even deeper into the subject can sign up for a course of either one, two or five days.
    • But he is one of life's great enthusiasts and his love of his subject is getting quite infectious.
    • It is certain to appeal to field-sports enthusiasts and to nature lovers.