Translation of enticement in Spanish:


incentivación, n.

Pronunciation /ənˈtaɪsmənt/ /ɪnˈtʌɪsm(ə)nt/ /ɛnˈtʌɪsm(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    (act of enticing)
    incentivación feminine
    • There are many Filipinos abroad who choose to remain Filipinos despite the enticements of a foreign land.
    • Schools from outside the county wanted to use the centre at peak times without the enticement of discounted places.
    • The fact that this was achieved without the enticement of regular silverware surely makes such figures all the more impressive.
    • The court held that there was a cause of action and thus generalised the existing action for enticement of a servant.
    • Many media articles that I collected during my fieldwork used the same enticement of spectacle.
    • Customers of the Secret Chocolate Shop have been lured by the name as well as by the enticement of Belgian chocolate.
    • Judging by Chen Kaige's latest, the commercial enticements of the feelgood factor have well and truely taken root.
    • The whole enticement of being a large successful company is really balanced by our ability to connect with each and every customer.
    • That's true, but I think it also says something about the enticement of the first sentence, or even half the first sentence.
    • The enticement of those sweets is easily overwhelmed by the upset stomach that acting without real thought can bring.
    • The enticement of an exploration permit was strong enough to draw a half-dozen miners to the sidewalk.
    • Let's just hope that the enticement of a free CD-ROM and poster is enough to get 1000 people to donate 10 each.
  • 2

    (thing that entices)
    señuelo masculine
    incentivo masculine
    • For the novice celebrity Scientologist like me, there are more enticements on offer.
    • Countless others will no doubt be offering him similar enticements in the weeks ahead.
    • Indeed, they will resist offers of enticement from competitors.
    • I begin to wonder what form of enticements she used to lure him.
    • The promise of the reward was too much of an enticement for the migrant workers to resist.
    • However, ongoing reports suggested the scale of enticements might be much larger.
    • He said the only enticement left for companies in their business is the competitive tax rate Ireland enjoys.
    • The attraction is an enticement to men to act in order to lure women for physical contact.
    • With the right enticements, Pyongyang can be persuaded to promise to give up its nuke program.
    • Many enticements are being offered by public schools to lure homeschoolers back into their fold.
    • Some go to the other extreme, shirking classroom encounters for more bureaucratic enticements.
    • The femme fatale he writes about is a central part of that enticement.
    • One of the enticements is a free glass of good wine at the table.
    • Drawn by these enticements, some 29,000 landlords now lease Section 8 apartments in New York City.
    • Of course, a major task was to weaken the opponent through infiltration and enticement.
    • Luther himself was not keen on the idea and resisted all sorts of enticements.
    • Content data services are likely to function primarily as enticements to induce more voice usage.
    • This is not to say that some element of danger or enticement would be out of place in the film.
    • Attraction is such an enticement that some fall victim to it.
    • The state had offered numerous incentives and enticements to the carrier as it struggled to avoid liquidation.