Translation of entity in Spanish:


entidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛn(t)ədi/ /ˈɛntɪti/

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nounplural entities

  • 1

    entidad feminine
    a legal entity una persona jurídica
    • Segmenting the business into three distinct entities should make it more attractive to buyers.
    • Whether you believe in the literal existence of such entities is up to you.
    • Nevertheless, they will continue to act as if commodities are animate entities.
    • In any relation, one of the related entities is singled out as the primary focus of attention.
    • Within the dozen or so entities in this media group, there are sizeable differences too.
    • Those do not include giving rights to entities that other people happen to like.
    • You can watch these films as separate entities or as thematically linked nuggets.
    • The profit tax in the insurance sector is to be changed to the general regime for all other entities.
    • Companies are quite separate legal entities from the directors and indeed from the shareholders.
    • Songs began to be removed from the album-context, to be viewed once more as individual entities.
    • It is almost as if two unrelated entities are commiserating over a shared experience.
    • Perhaps today's corporate entities are little more than the fishes that have crawled out of the ocean.
    • We may be different legal entities but in our mind we have decided that all of us will be together.
    • Water vapour becomes tangible entities that look like stalactites and stalagmites.
    • Questions of social ontology are concerned with the nature of social entities.
    • There are some countries that I know exist, but are like anonymous entities to me.
    • In it, they describe a hierarchy of entities very much like what you're talking about here.
    • The two stories are very different entities, and really they feed into each other.
    • It follows, therefore, that great novels do not exist as entities in their own right.
    • Trade with these criminal entities becomes a condition of entry into the country.