There are 2 main translations of entrance in Spanish

: entrance1entrance2


entrada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛntrəns/ /ˈɛntr(ə)ns/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(way in)

      entrada feminine
      wait for me at the entrance to the building/park espérame en / a la entrada del edificio/parque
      • the tradesman's entrance la entrada de servicio
      • Two sets of wrought-iron gates herald the entrance to a driveway that sweeps in a horseshoe round the front of the building.
      • The caretaker of the school will tend the site, closing an access gate and opening another entrance to the public at 4pm each day.
      • He paused before passing through the first gate and into the short passageway between the entrance to the fortress and the inner portcullis.
      • Finally, we reach the entrance to the gate, where two big doors swing open to let us in.
      • The Golden Gate, a 4,200 ft suspension bridge, spans the Golden Gate Strait at the entrance to San Francisco Bay.
      • Tonsils and adenoids are located strategically near the entrance to the breathing passages where they can catch incoming infections.
      • There is a gate lodge at the entrance to the estate, a number of cottages and a stable block, which may have potential for conversion to residential use.
      • Improvement work will now allow an impressive entrance to the Saint Patrick Centre from Market Street.
      • Plainclothes members of the public security bureau were watching the great red gate at the entrance to the crematorium yesterday.
      • I've just passed under the grand arch at the entrance to Lions Gate Studios.
      • After fixing the gates across the entrance to the farmyard to keep the sheep in one place we marched up the hill to drive them down.
      • The entrance to the monastery is on the eastern side of the first level and at the far end of the entrance hall, behind a stonewall, part of which still exists, was the crypt.
      • This office is approached through the entrance to Settle town hall.
      • The Santa Monica courthouse has five entrances and most news channel had one camera crew at each entrance to try to get a picture.

    • 1.2(foyer)

      hall masculine

    • 1.3 formal (access)

      entrada feminine
      to gain entrance entrar
      • If the reliability of the Bagrut exams is undermined, the universities will introduce entrance examinations, he warned.
      • The senate was usually limited to 600 members, and entrance was dependent on property qualifications and election to key offices.
      • It is widely regarded as an elite institution and only one out of every 100 candidates for the tough entrance examinations gain admission.
      • This now historic activity started in 1862 when the universities ceased to have entrance examinations and ended in 1968.
      • Universities took up this work, awarding certificates which exempted the holders from university entrance examinations.
      • Places are determined by the results of the nationwide university entrance examination.
      • The winner is able to go straight to university without attending entrance examinations.
      • The only way it will commend itself to students and become established is as a prerequisite of university entrance, demanded by students and vice - chancellors alike.
      • The cost of the outing included entrance fee, a guided tour of the garden and a light lunch of organic food.
      • She was well on course to gain the grades in chemistry, geology, biology and history she needed to gain university entrance.
      • Following graduation from high school, he set out for Tokyo to prepare for university entrance examinations.
      • If they had this rule, ladies would have the right to demand entrance.
      • As they patiently waited in line, they continually saw people show up and gain entrance right away without having to wait.
      • This practice marked entrance into Baptist society, and demanded a rejection of infant baptism.
      • The upcoming yearly college entrance examination creates a huge demand for such pencils.
      • There's even talk of instituting entrance exams to decrease the number of students entering community colleges.
      • By the time they have cleared the school examinations, professional entrance tests are upon them, catching them unawares.
      • Police are certain the three are connected because in each case entrance was gained via windows at the rear of the properties which were all in close proximity to each other.
      • In the spring of 1924 Leopold passed the entrance exam to enter the law school at Harvard University in the fall.
      • He had a perfect A average as an undergraduate but his father, a milkman, had no political connections so he was denied entrance.

  • 2

    (to club, museum) entrada feminine
    (to school, university) ingreso masculine
    they were refused entrance no se les permitió la entrada
    • there is an entrance charge se cobra la entrada
    • entrance examination examen de ingreso
    • entrance form solicitud de ingreso
    • entrance qualifications nota mínima de ingreso
    • entrance requirements requisitos de ingreso
  • 3

    • 3.1(act of entering)

      entrada feminine
      • Steps have already been taken to try and reduce the number of vehicles driving on the surface, with the placement of new bollards restricting the entrance of heavy vans entering the town.
      • Startled by the abrupt entrance of his daughter, he got up quickly.
      • However, the next day, he saw an opportunity to gain possible entrance into the warm building.

    • 3.2Theatre

      entrada en escena feminine
      • A conceited thespian, he treats every introduction as a stage entrance and every conversation is a source of high drama and shameless posturing.
      • A signature tune was also used to herald the entrance of an individual performer in variety shows, a practice that continues on some television chat-shows.
      • It was an entrance modelled on the performance of Gary Cooper in High Noon and here, just down the road from Hollywood, it was made by the biggest star in town.
      • The first idea we glean from him is his description in the stage direction that introduces his first entrance into the stage.
      • The entrance on to the stage was greeted with a mixture of squealing, screams, shouts and rounds of applause!

There are 2 main translations of entrance in Spanish

: entrance1entrance2


embelesar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈtræns/ /ɛnˈtræns/ /ɪnˈtrɑːns/ /ɛnˈtrɑːns/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • His short stories and novels continue to delight and entrance readers all over the world.
    • From the very first notes they played, the City of Oxford Orchestra entranced the audience last Saturday.
    • I was absolutely entranced, it was so delightfully madcap.
    • Something about her just entranced me, captivated me completely and totally.
    • Even the youngest children sat entranced by the story of a young girl's Christmas dream coming to life.
    • I got enough information to realize how the cave entranced visitors with its wonderful underground scenery.
    • Even though I'd been in groups with Tony for years, I was still entranced by the hypnotic magic of his playing.
    • The most distinctive feature, his face, would entrance girls to him; that very same feature would drive them off later.
    • I was soon entranced and the kids remained spellbound throughout.
    • The whole crowd of people were entranced by their music and even some of the performers were stopping in front of them to watch.
    • There were juggling acts that seemed to defy the laws of physics, entrancing Spanish musicians using their feet and weights attached to ropes to create a hypnotic rhythm.
    • The last short stories that succeeded in totally entrancing me were those contained in the first two books by him.
    • Into this complex situation steps Leyla, a beautiful woman who entrances him at the swimming pool, with horrible results.
    • The programme has entranced fans with its comings and goings.
    • Yet, the bright shimmer of the production that had initially served to distract from the songs slowly, ineluctably, entranced me.
    • Even as a one-year-old, he was entranced by music programs on radio.
    • You come away entranced by the good nature of the couple.
    • The story has entranced audiences for decades, teaching them never to be vain and always whistle while they work.
    • I had only ever seen flat, safe beaches and seas before and I was absolutely entranced by the power and beauty of this new experience.
    • Their powerful sound echoed through the gorge and entranced the crowd.