Traducción de entreaty en español:


súplica, n.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈtridi/ /ɛnˈtridi/ /ɪnˈtriːti/ /ɛnˈtriːti/

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nombreplural entreaties

  • 1

    súplica femenino
    ruego masculino
    he was deaf to her entreaties hizo oídos sordos a sus súplicas / ruegos
    • And she mostly steadfastly ignores my shouted commands, my entreaties and panting demands to be set free when the siren songs call me again.
    • I am powerless before the scented entreaties of an aesthetic appeal!
    • He was steadfast in his devotion, firm in his beliefs, and constant in his prayerful entreaties.
    • Shall we resort to entreaty and humble supplication?
    • And everywhere, like clouds heavy with whispered entreaties, prayers float over the craggy hills and valleys of Jerusalem.
    • But the entreaties of her earlier prayers echoed in her head.
    • And I'm bound to say that my entreaties did not fall on deaf ears.
    • The initial July 1999 request yielded 68 contracts; an assortment of entreaties has the number up to 249 responses.
    • The parliamentary party left the session in high spirits, with their leader's entreaties ringing in their ears.
    • What is important is that we hold a conscious intention for the wellbeing of another, whether it's an entreaty to God or a loving feeling.
    • Early last year I made an entreaty for the digitization of several great LPs, mostly from the 80s, that still hadn't made it to CD for whatever reason.
    • Only after their entreaty failed did they arrest him.
    • His entreaty is hard to swallow, given the biographical kernels in all of his plays, but easy to take, given the unguarded, imploring nature of his gaze.
    • Education, of all kinds, is a personal entreaty.
    • There was a helpless entreaty in his voice, as though he were afraid that she might see him and retrace her steps.
    • Unmoved by a chorus of anguished cries, the Biltmore crew calmly rounded up the glasses, tallied the tabs and shrugged off entreaties for special dispensation.
    • More importantly, the Asian financial crisis sent property prices into a tailspin, and the government has largely resisted entreaties to bail people out.