Translation of entrecôte in Spanish:


entrecot, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑntrəˌkoʊt/ /ˈɒntrəkəʊt/


(entrecôte steak)
  • 1

    entrecot masculine
    • The other cut used for steaks is the entrecôte (literally, ‘between the ribs’).
    • Over the course of a week, I sampled chopped reindeer, reindeer cutlets, reindeer entrecôte, reindeer with egg, reindeer without egg, reindeer sausage, and reindeer Stroganoff - all of it similarly gray and stringy.
    • On inspection it is probably a fore rib or classic French entrecôte, but the kitchen failing to notice this difference, or worse, to fob us off with an inferior cut, simply won't do.
    • I did not have the heart to tell him that the latter pair had probably ended up as entrecôte on a menu in some foreign country.
    • One man's drizzled is another man's bathed; a jus here is a sauce there; a Frenchman's entrecôte chasseur is a Rosbif's steak and mushrooms.