Traducción de entrust en español:


Pronunciación /ənˈtrəst/ /ɪnˈtrʌst/ /ɛnˈtrʌst/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to entrust sth to sb encomendarle / confiarle algo a algn
    to entrust sb with sth confiarle algo a algn
    • You are only entrusted with the responsibility on behalf of the remaining spouse and children.
    • He can be duped by almost anyone and it is amazing that he is entrusted with quite so many secrets and responsible jobs.
    • Students were entrusted with the responsibility of identifying problems and chalking out plans to solve them.
    • He is entrusted with ensuring the best all-round coaching and preparation for the country's top amateurs.
    • Silence broken, he then spoke of the difficulty of filling the capacity he is entrusted with.
    • She was entrusted with the social inclusion agenda that he saw as being the purpose of the Scottish parliament.
    • Her husband died in 1990 and she was entrusted with looking after her family - a task she did well.
    • He is entrusted with the development of the sport in the Asian region.
    • He was entrusted with their gypsy wagon and the objects they sold from it whenever they stopped in any populated place.
    • William was entrusted with manoeuvring these slabs into position and stood just to the rear of the wagon.
    • We are entrusted with the lives of soldiers, and those soldiers, when deployed, entrust us with the health of their spouses and children back home.
    • As you continue to prove yourself, the head coach may entrust you with additional responsibilities.
    • Superiors will entrust you with more responsible work.
    • Journalism, like most things, is a grave responsibility you have been entrusted with.
    • He is the person entrusted by parliament with the task.
    • No international body is entrusted with the task of prosecuting and punishing those criminal offences.
    • Do you know what it is like to be entrusted with leadership responsibility?
    • He records and names these places as though entrusted with an essential job.
    • Exposing a kook being entrusted with a mission of vital national security interest is pretty important.
    • Last night I was entrusted with a mission of sorts.