Traducción de entry form en español:

entry form

hoja de inscripción, n.


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    hoja de inscripción femenino
    • The competition entry form and guidelines will be provided to eligible entrants in the winning student's pack.
    • Entering is easy, and farmers could even attach their entry level stewardship application to the entry form to save time.
    • Interested persons are required to enter the competition by submitting an entry form.
    • For example, I found an entry form for a competition in my trouser pockets today.
    • In addition, every review warrants an entry form for the program's grand prize: a DVD player.
    • A new entry form and token will be published in tomorrow's Evening Press.
    • All photographs must be accompanied by the official entry form, which will be published for three weeks.
    • An entry form will be printed in the Evening Advertiser every day this week.
    • To enter the Sri Lanka holiday competition you will need to complete an entry form at any one of the games.
    • To enter, answer the simple question on the entry form opposite and return it to us.
    • All you need to do is answer the two questions on the entry form on the facing page.
    • The entry form for this year's tidy towns' competition needs to be completed, so a full attendance is expected.
    • Anyone yet to enter this year's competition can still get an entry form before next week's closing date.
    • To enter the competition, simply visit the website and complete the online entry form.
    • Upon opening a door, the guest will receive an entry form for the official drawing associated with that room type.
    • The official entry form will be available in the paper shortly.
    • You can your own question in the entry form at the bottom of the main page.
    • Anyone who has not participated previously and has not received an entry form is welcome to join in the sponsored run by turning up on the day.
    • The pub will also be doing street promotions where vouchers for a free drink will be handed out, which doubles as an entry form.
    • A completed entry form must accompany entries and there should be only one submission per person.