Translation of envelop in Spanish:


envolver, v.

Pronunciation /ənˈvɛləp/ /ɪnˈvɛləp/ /ɛnˈvɛləp/

transitive verb

  • 1

    enveloped in sth envuelto en algo
  • 2enveloping present participle

    (mist/movement) envolvente
    • She turned the knob and was enveloped in a shroud of fetid air as the door swung open.
    • Anyway my point is it's what's in the mind that counts, and I genuinely believe the essence of the real person is enveloped in their mind and personality and not their physical capability.
    • My eyes snap open, yet I'm still enveloped in darkness.
    • I watched my best friend and her kids and husband laughing and chatting and I was enveloped in this terrible sense of loss for those days.
    • It looked as if the entire world was enveloped in friendship.
    • Seating just 100, everyone in the audience is enveloped in the music-making and has a chance to meet the musicians.
    • I attempted to get the keys a few times until darkness completely enveloped me.
    • He nodded toward her, and was soon enveloped in a hug by Shannon.
    • Mist soon enveloped them, and they continued blindly, moving slowly and deliberately.
    • The warmth immediately enveloped her and he grinned dazzlingly.
    • Unexpected warmth suddenly enveloped my shoulders, making my head snap up in surprise.
    • A low hiss filled the chamber as the blue mist slowly enveloped my body.
    • He ascended Mount Sinai, enveloped in clouds and thunder and lightning.
    • The viewer is enveloped in the distorted, alien sounds she hears around her.
    • The trailer suggests a film that will envelop the viewer in a whirlwind of emotions.
    • His tall imposing figure entered the room, his presence immediately enveloping me.
    • Sounds envelop the listener and fill the room.
    • As you listen to the patter, you are enveloped in a linguistic blanket, soothed and entertained.
    • The work comprises six small paintings in two rows, all enveloped in misty tones.
    • Hence the sense of rage that now envelops both modernists and traditionalists alike.