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ecologista, n.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈvaɪroʊ/ /ɛnˈvaɪroʊ/ /ɪnˈvʌɪrəʊ/

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    ecologista masculino, femenino
    • Enviros say their logistical plans are evolving alongside their message.
    • Perhaps even more objectionable from enviros ' standpoint is the report's proposal to eliminate the independent commissions and boards that govern the regulation of California's air, water and utilities.
    • A greater challenge for the enviros will be sustaining public interest in the trench warfare that will continue on Capitol Hill and in federal agencies now filling up with former oil, mining, auto, timber and biotech lobbyists.
    • But in the enviros ' world, wise planners (people like themselves) know best what's good for everyone, and the burden of justification is on people who want to do things counter to the plan.
    • Although he caters to his party's core of left-leaning enviros and union activists, he can play ball with business on issues such as promoting farm exports, his home state's top concern.
    • He's notorious among Utah enviros for not even inviting environmental experts or advocates to be involved in state/industry negotiations over environmental policy.
    • Alaskans by and large can't abide that they coexist with wild nature more than any other modern Americans, then are lectured by wealthy enviros who live in doorman buildings on the Upper East Side.
    • But nationally speaking, even many enviros are ambivalent on the issue; as a whole, the green community has put forward no clear alternative plan of action.
    • Even enviros of a decidedly secular bent who might normally blanch at such creationist sentiments will appreciate the call for wise management of natural resources.
    • A handful of enviros took part as well, but a cacophony of environmental groups, legislators and their staff experts complain that they were left out.
    • Response from U.K. enviros was immediate and furious.
    • But enviros are crying foul after a judge brokering an asbestos-liability deal enlisted business to write part of a proposed law.
    • While these events will be quieter, with fewer banners and black ski masks, many enviros think these bashes are likely to be the site of the real trouble.
    • But though all eyes are on the battle for the White House, congressional races are deserving of enviros ' attention.
    • So in an ironic reversal, it's the enviros who are now talking up cost-benefit analysis - not the foes of regulation.
    • Never have I seen enviros so dispirited or in such disarray.
    • While he has attracted a number of investors and received a flurry of media attention, enviros shouldn't dream airy dreams just yet.
    • On the other side, a host of enviros and at least six Nobel laureates are advocating adoption of all of the report's recommendations.
    • This is the current king of the hybrids, although its feeble performance limits its appeal to card-carrying enviros.