Translation of environment in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈvaɪrənmənt/ /ɪnˈvʌɪrənm(ə)nt/ /ɛnˈvʌɪrənm(ə)nt/


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    the environment el medio ambiente
    • the Department of the Environment el Ministerio del Medio Ambiente
    • I lived in hostile environments, surrounded by religious bigotry where no one understood me.
    • As one might expect, the environments in which farm animals are confined can also be significantly contaminated.
    • They have no respect for their environment, their surroundings and their neighbours.
    • So they're very rich environments in potential plants and animals that are going to be useful for human beings.
    • Can we think about people as actual, literal, ecological components of their environments?
    • They are non-polluting, and can be adapted to different cultural and ecological environments.
    • The plants were grown in soil in controlled environments at the plant density used in agricultural conditions.
    • The concept of instinct is an attempt to explain why some kinds of behaviour develop consistently in a given species across a wide range of environments.
    • Species were selected from a wide range of environments and evolutionary lineages.
    • Carbonaceous sediments were deposited over a wide range of environments.
    • Nitrate is a major form of nitrogen available to plants in many environments.
    • Acclimation may also be hidden if plants are grown under environments which lie at or beyond the limit of that species' acclimation capacity.
    • In alpine environments, plants may be exposed to high temperatures during the day, but may be subject to overnight lows near freezing.
    • On the other hand certain environments will exclude plant species because of the specific adaptations that are required to survive.
    • The architecture profession is experiencing tremendous pressure to change the ways it perceives and shapes the built environment.
    • Environmentalists point out that the contamination of farmed salmon is so bad that the farms pollute the surrounding environment.
    • Neither really confronts other than tangentially how being a port distinctively shaped the urban environment and the urban experience.
    • The lipid membrane environment influences the conformational space explored by the peptide.
    • The depositional environment that preserved this fauna has been subject to widely different interpretations.
    • The simulations also show that the structure of the linker is strongly affected by its lipid environment.
    • I am involved in creating pesticides that are better for both humans and the environment.
    • So much sewage being pumped into the Thames is bad for the environment, bad for human health and bad for the image of the Thames.
    • Education and the environment are the key areas of interest for the bank, worldwide.
    • But he does have the power to stop the trials if there is evidence of harm to human health or the environment.
    • Only reverence can restrain violence - reverance for human life and the environment.
    • Why should the environment and natural resources in general be treated differently?
    • Will they put human health and the environment above chemical industry profits?
    • The single largest problem facing the environment is human overpopulation.
    • Deforestation is also a hallmark of the human impact on the environment.
    • There were angry warnings yesterday about potential damage to the environment and human health.
    • Anything that gets in the way, from human rights to the environment, is trampled underfoot.
    • Secondly, we may consider the effects of human action on the environment itself.
    • There are a lot of concerns over the safety of the environment and the natural food crops.
    • If they are really involved in social activities and the environment, there is no limit.
    • Never the less I was very keen to help her stop polluting the environment in the way that she did.
    • "The risk to human health was tiny, " said an environment department spokesman.
    • If this means a more active environment protection committee and a more responsive and caring council then so be it.
    • Background radiation is a feature of our environment on Earth extending back throughout geological time.
    • He is now urging the parliament's powerful environment committee to mount an investigation.
    • They do this because the environment lobby carries less clout that the vested interests of business.
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    a hostile environment for man un medio hostil al hombre
    • she's studying rabbits in their natural environment estudia a los conejos en su entorno / hábitat natural
    • wild animals suffer in a zoo environment los animales salvajes sufren en el ambiente de un zoológico
    • children need a stable home environment los niños necesitan un hogar estable