Traducción de environmental en español:


ambiental, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪnˌvaɪrənˈmɛn(t)l/ /ɪnvʌɪrənˈmɛnt(ə)l/ /ɛnvʌɪrənˈmɛnt(ə)l/

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    (factor) ambiental
    (factor) medioambiental
    (expert) en ecología
    (expert) en medio ambiente
    (damage) al medio ambiente
    (damage) medioambiental
    environmental education educación medioambiental / del medio ambiente
    • environmental groups grupos ecologistas
    • the environmental impact el impacto medio ambiental / sobre el medio ambiente
    • The former team proposed the most overtly environmental design of any of the finalists.
    • It is part of efforts to promote environmental and economic redevelopment in the area.
    • Student environmental activists were delighted by the news of the University's decision.
    • An environmental activist found a place in this list along with quite a few history sheeters.
    • It was the first time environmental activists had been sent to prison, and it really inspired people.
    • I am one of those environmental activists who recognise we live on a planet of finite resources.
    • As environmental groups have long stressed, the government cannot build its way out of congestion.
    • Now that is the most significant environmental impact that humans can have on the planet.
    • There are also issues of its environmental impact, but it is nevertheless likely to be important.
    • In recent years, he has become as famous for his campaigning on environmental and human rights issues as for his music.
    • Trade should be conditional upon minimum environmental and human rights standards.
    • For the first time, environmental issues are at the heart of widespread popular activity.
    • Operators, public or private, have a clear responsibility to cause the minimum environmental impact.
    • Such are our numbers that almost inevitably waste, environmental impact and species extinction follow.
    • The alliance cites a variety of environmental and economic impacts in support of their position.
    • Councillors say that option would have less visual and environmental impact.
    • The consultants will then undertake an environmental impact report on behalf of the Council.
    • Their achievement is to have overcome being labelled cranks to make a real impact on the crucial environmental debate.
    • From an environmental, planning or human viewpoint this proposal is unacceptable.
    • Watch groups are run by willing and enthusiastic volunteers who organise the environmental activities.
    • Ironically, the principal lobby against completion of the road is its negative environmental impact.
    • Some EU countries are arguing that environmental degradation is a hidden subsidy on cheap exports.
    • In late June, state officials halved their ambitious plans and added new environmental protections to the leases.
    • The typical industrial sectors with relatively high environmental impact continue to lead in reporting.
    • They knew this was illegal, so publicly they said the meetings were about issues such as environmental protection.
    • They both concluded that there was very little difference in overall environmental impact.
    • They also identified militarism as the cause of much environmental degradation.
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    (of surroundings)
    (factor) ambiental
    (influence) del ambiente
    (influence) del entorno
    (influence) del medio
    • A large proportion of the rhythmically regulated genes also directly respond to environmental stress.
    • The same applies to the meridian programmes and to the specific environmental stresses, colours and trauma.
    • Chilling temperature is one of the most studied environmental factors in plant stress physiology research.
    • All plants display this ability to tolerate environmental stress to varying degrees.
    • By amplifying speech or environmental noise, hearing aids can also be effective in many cases.
    • High salinity is one of the most important environmental stresses impeding crop growth.
    • Plants are continually exposed to environmental fluctuations that lead to oxidative stress.
    • Drought is an environmental factor that produces water deficit or water stress in plants.
    • In my experience the worst environmental factor is fine dust.
    • Allow the flooring to adjust to its new environmental conditions before you start the installation.
    • Rapid phenotypic changes are expected to occur in invasive species in response to new environmental conditions.
    • A number of genes as well as environmental factors also may play a role.
    • Leaf ageing has a significant effect on photosynthesis even when environmental factors do not change.
    • Human health is heavily dependent on lifestyle habits and environmental conditions.