Translation of environmental audit in Spanish:

environmental audit

auditoría medioambiental, n.


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    auditoría medioambiental feminine
    • Many companies declared as polluters are expected to object to the environmental audit, since not all companies were examined thoroughly.
    • It offers a free environmental audit by an expert to advise and guide businesses to achieve more from their resources and gain a greener reputation.
    • A company of its size and environmental leadership has undoubtedly conducted the full environmental audit.
    • These measures are increasingly forming part of environmental audits by large corporations, but this is only being done on a voluntary basis.
    • The team provides environmental audits for companies and local residents.
    • As part of the Department of Education's mandatory Environmental Education policy my son's local primary school recently did an environmental audit.
    • The Commons environmental audit committee last week published a hard-hitting report saying the government must not give the go-ahead to commercial planting of GM maize.
    • The programme has had an environmental audit.
    • So we conducted a rigorous environmental audit.
    • Meanwhile, he said an environmental audit was necessary to clarify the case.
    • His comments coincide with the publication today of the Commons environmental audit committee report into the challenge of climate change.
    • One of the few provisions of the document that has been implemented is an environmental audit.
    • The initial and subsequent environmental performances of participating businesses were evaluated by environmental audits undertaken in mid-2000 and in February 2001.
    • This proposed law limits the public's right to know about environmental, workplace and industrial hazards, allowing companies to keep secret the results of environmental audits on the pollution they are emitting.
    • Many of the leading companies carry out environmental audits of their activities and are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibilities in this area.
    • The reduction of carbon dioxide became a key goal in his and his students' environmental audits.
    • This includes participating in environmental audits twice per year.
    • An environmental audit conducted by the students found that the university uses 1.22 sheets of paper every second and sends 219 pounds of waste per student to landfill sites each year.
    • MPs from all parties praised his efforts after he stepped down as chairman of the House of Commons environmental audit committee.
    • It coincided with a report from the all-party Commons environmental audit committee which also demanded a halt to the government's plans.