Translation of envoy in Spanish:


enviado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛnˌvɔɪ/ /ˈɑnˌvɔɪ/ /ˈɛnvɔɪ/

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    enviado masculine
    enviada feminine
    • In Ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh's messengers and diplomatic envoys carried with them the seal of the Pharaoh, production of which guaranteed the carrier free and unhindered passage throughout the region.
    • Notably, the document signaled that the new administration would eschew the use of special diplomatic envoys.
    • Such people, he deduced, were not socialists at all but ruthless envoys of a ‘mean state capitalism with the grab motive left intact’.
    • It is hard to think of people more demure in rhetorical comportment than senior envoys of the United Nations or of the British foreign office.
    • But his rise to power will not be the only remarkable event of his career, for he has called upon the Federation to send an envoy to begin negotiating a peace between the two powers.
    • Consequently, in 1564 Elizabeth agreed to open discussions with the Austrians and soon afterwards she authorised envoys and councillors to negotiate a matrimonial treaty.
    • It is also forbidden to harm the wounded and sick; medical or religious personnel; envoys bearing flags of truce; and, of late, even journalists.
    • King Narai dispatched his second diplomatic mission consisting of three envoys to the court of Louis XIV of France in January 1684.
    • There would be a lot more if he had not given the strong impression that he has already made up his mind on the basic issues, and that his envoys ' missions are more about salesmanship than exchanging views.
    • Another shows six slaves and the other two show rows of courtiers and visiting envoys, including representatives of Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire, Sind and Arabia.
    • Most efforts to cut deals go through the drivers' spotters, who then act like diplomatic envoys, clustered together high atop the stands.
    • Diplomatic immunity dates from antiquity when the Greek Government extended special status to foreign envoys.
    • Such missions and envoys operate in many areas of the world as well as in the post-Soviet space.
    • Cultural ambassadors act as envoys for what's best in America.
    • Prior to the amendment, the president had the prerogative to appoint ambassadors or accept foreign envoys.
    • ‘She was held for about six weeks without charge,’ the envoy told Wednesday's Evening Standard newspaper.
    • An alternative opposition government must include an opposition Cabinet, envoys and ambassadors in every sphere of diplomatic activity and relations and an alternative budget.
    • William III, after 1688, had twelve resident ambassadors as well as envoys and agents.