Translation of epochal in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɛpəkəl/ /ˈɛpɒk(ə)l/


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    • Her country's epochal events form the colorful backdrop for her breathless and episodic recounting of her own journey of self-transformation.
    • The epochal event of the post-war world, the winning of the Cold War, is little understood and seldom discussed.
    • The current information revolution can be termed as the fifth epochal event since the birth of the human species.
    • Eleven years before the epochal events in Germany, a seismic change was taking place in China
    • The death of Ronald Reagan has proved an oddly epochal event, not just in America but across the world.
    • The International Monetary Fund played a crucial role in many of the epochal events of the 1990s.
    • But according to the authors, the epochal events failed to alter how most high administration officials understood the world.
    • These, too, we've come to expect, and if they weren't around we'd have reason to wonder if the event itself were as epochal as it's supposed to be.
    • Still, the industry restructuring may turn out to be an epochal event, possibly ushering in an age of stability and an end to trade protectionism.
    • He recalled the Exodus and other epochal events in Western history, claiming a similar importance for the present struggle.
    • As with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the launching of Sputnik, epochal events can briefly change all the rules of the political game.
    • The Mahabharata War was the epochal event of ancient India.
    • Scholars who seek to move beyond these epochal events may encounter obstacles as they negotiate the oral archive.
    • Then, in an epochal labor-and-management accord, the two sides stopped exploiting each other - and began exploiting the fans.
    • But this is a momentous, perhaps epochal, political shift.
    • He said an epochal flood ‘swallowed up’ the mountainous island.
    • I'd say this thing is moving toward an epochal confrontation.
    • No matter how the case ends, the court's decision to accept the recorded testimony from the two children as corroborative evidence is epochal.
    • Other defining moments have been more domestic than epochal.
    • These epochal developments have not commanded much official attention.