Translation of eponymous in Spanish:


epónimo, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈpɑnəməs/ /ɪˈpɒnɪməs/

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    • A hardy few climb to another refuge, Re Alberto I, named after the eponymous king of the Belgians who came here to climb.
    • We recall Goethe writing The Sorrows of Young Werther, which set off a wave of suicides in Europe in imitation of the eponymous hero.
    • The fresh tale follows the familiar style of the original - the eponymous hero magically transported from a suburban fancy-dress shop to a new world.
    • Mirroring the philosophy of the eponymous hero, cast members refused to be taken for granted when the theatre talked of extending their run.
    • It is highly didactic, and the reader speedily loses interest in whatever the eponymous hero happens to believe at any time.
    • I, Dreyfus takes the form of its eponymous hero's autobiography, penned while in prison.
    • Lanchester's second novel follows a day in the life of its eponymous hero.
    • Early in the action the eponymous hero, a Scottish mercenary soldier, is sentenced to be hanged.
    • The eponymous hero is played by the blue-eyed Peter O'Toole.
    • Stetson, her latest novel, is told from the first person voice of its eponymous character.
    • Like the eponymous hero in The Picture of Dorian Gray, he stands for a new motive for art.
    • Angela Bettis stars as the eponymous heroine: a young woman who, ostracized by her childhood peers, grows up an introverted, awkward thing.
    • Set in 1994 Ireland, the movie is based on the real-life events of its eponymous character, an Irish journalist.
    • Published in 1937 and set in Azerbaijan as the first world war breaks out, the eponymous characters are a Muslim and a Christian.
    • Seven years on, Leigh has graduated to the role of the eponymous king for Shakespeare in the Park's new staging of the play.
    • The eponymous heroine is a shy 17-year-old whose mother arranged her marriage at birth.
    • Lanchester's second novel follows a day in the life of its eponymous hero.
    • The eponymous hero wanders off for two minutes before his worried mother finds him.
    • The real surprise was that the eponymous anti-hero isn't the central character.
    • The Trial of Davros features Terry Molloy as the eponymous anti-hero, here reprising his original TV role.