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igual, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈikwəl/ /ˈiːkw(ə)l/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(in size, amount, ability)

      equal to sth igual a algo

      • twelve inches is equal to one foot
      • my salary is equal to his
      equal (to sb/sth) in sth
      • the windows are equal in size
      • he's equal to his brother in ability
      we got an equal amount of money recibimos igual / idéntica / la misma cantidad de dinero
      • divided into two equal groups divididos en dos grupos iguales
      • she passed all her exams with equal ease aprobó todos los exámenes con igual / con la misma facilidad
      • that makes us equal ya estamos iguales
      • In estimating, it can be assumed that the yield of the concrete will be approximately equal to the quantity of gravel used.
      • The amount of the deduction is equal to the value of the stock contributed.
      • The sum of the angles of a triangle is equal to two right angles.
      • Milk should be frozen in portions approximately equal to the amount needed for one or two feedings.
      • For example, a student knows that 32 degrees Fahrenheit is freezing and is equal to 0 degrees Celsius.
      • But it is still not clear how to find an efficient allocation in which the value of consumption is equal to income for all consumers.
      • The amount of money taken in was roughly equal to the amount of money paid out.
      • Nearly equal amounts of the hormone are derived from the adrenal glands and the ovaries.
      • Night and day are in perfect balance, only twice a year do day and night become equal in length.
      • We begin with a law of international relations: no action involving two countries has equal effects on each.
      • York-based Northern Spirit are recruiting 50 new drivers and say they want an equal number of applications from both sexes.
      • Several forms of verbal therapy have roughly equal effects, he noted.
      • This team observed that fatty meals produce as much reflux over six hours as a balanced meal with an equal number of calories.
      • He also knows the critical letters will be balanced by an equal number of friendly letters.
      • Overall, the acts and scenes comprising the narrative of folktales of this type are roughly equal in length.
      • The film has its fascinating and tedious elements, in nearly equal measure.
      • Everywhere you look, this concept inspires admiration and trepidation in almost equal measure.
      • Few of the items produced within the country are considered equal in quality to foreign products.
      • In very rare cases, the right and left groove appear equal in size.
      • Trim off the ends of each package and slice each into five equal portions.
      • Against the wind in the second half, Confey now had to face a far tougher challenge but they were equal to the task.
      • The people of York have proved themselves equal to the task.
      • With her comprehensive research, sound analysis, and engaging style, Williams proves herself equal to the task.
      • He soon proved himself more than equal to the demands of combat soldiering.
      • I just don't feel equal to the challenge that I'm facing now.
      • After reading the screenplay Stalin noted, " comrade Eisenstein proved himself equal to the task".

    • 1.2(in privilege, status)

      everyone is equal before the law todos somos iguales ante la ley
      • Legislation giving women status as equal partners in marriage was passed in 1993.
      • He is not equal in status to the other citizens.
      • This experience reinforced American egalitarianism, the belief that everyone is equal in status.
      • We are taught that all men are created equal in the eyes of God and there is only one God.
      • No one is above the law and everyone is equal before the law.
      • Under a human-rights focused democracy, all people are equal before the law.
      • In respect to civil rights, all citizens are equal before the law.
      • The thesis is that in traditional Aboriginal societies, women were equal to men and treated with respect.
      • French authorities contend the principle of secularism is meant to make everybody equal.
      • "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, " it declared.
      • Women are finally becoming equal with men and not before time.
      • Weren't women already equal in the eyes of the law?
      • All humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
      • Can citizens be considered equal if they possess very different degrees of economic power?
      • We're all more or less equal: let the calculators do the dividing.
      • Article 1: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
      • Until gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people are fully equal under law, we are second-class citizens.
      • I will do everything in my power to fight for fair and equal treatment.
      • The report found pregnancy discrimination, equal pay, harassment, access to employment and promotion, and dismissal as causes of complaint.
      • They also indicated in large numbers that they hoped to end segregation and discrimination and receive equal, just, and fair treatment.
      • Article 26 provides that all persons are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to the equal protection of the law.
      • The primary goal of school reform must be to provide more equal education opportunities.
      • Equal pay is also historically significant in the context of age and race.
      • Until the achievement of equal pay in 1974, men fared better than women.
      • Student Services created Services for Students with Disabilities to provide equal access and opportunities to students with disabilities.
      • You must have been playing this ‘ignorance is bliss’ game for a while now if you believe that we all have equal rights and opportunities here.
      • As adults we all have equal status - not economically, not in terms of our beauty, our background or how nice our parents are, but in terms of our rights.
      • These valuable resources will be managed through a local community structure working on the ethos of equal access to opportunities for all.
      • I asked for equal rights and opportunities and I tried my hardest to achieve it.
      • A professional equal opportunities approach must underpin appointments, otherwise the same old faces will reappear.
      • In the 1960s she worked to improve women's access to education and training and to promote equal pay and opportunity.
      • Instead, all property should be owned collectively, and all people should have equal social and economic status.
      • Labour health spokesperson Liz McManus said the party was committed to providing equal access to a high-quality health service.
      • No one is safe unless and until we all share equal protection under the same laws.
      • What we advocate is not that everyone is the same, but rather, all should have equal access to opportunity.
      • Although people claim there is an even playing field now and all access to opportunities is equal, it's not yet true.
      • I admit that I prefer working with men and I am in favour of equal employment opportunities.
      • The primary goal of school reform must be to provide more equal education opportunities.
      • After all, these were just two small units in a vast country where every Soviet citizen enjoyed equal rights and opportunities.

    • 1.3(uniformly applicable)

      (distribution) equitativo
      (distribution) igualitario
      we are an equal opportunities / opportunity employer practicamos una política de igualdad de oportunidades
      • everyone has an equal right to education todo el mundo tiene igual / el mismo derecho a la enseñanza

    • 1.4

      (contest) equilibrado
      • The duel - more equal and balanced in the play than in the film, where the camera unfairly favours Nicholson - is a showdown between two opposed acting styles.
      • At first, it seemed reasonable; everyone had fairly equal responsibilities, which I noted she never bothered with herself.
      • It is difficult to foster and feed the kind of balanced, equal relationship that can sustain us into the future.
      • You cannot sort of just parachute in without opportunity for open and equal competition as part of the process.
      • Will ‘close’ allies be persuaded to buy the US technologies as the price of a more equal relationship on the ground?
      • The scrum is supposed to be an equal contest and you would expect a pack of 900 kg to dominate a pack of 800 kg.
      • I'm no great fan of his but I do like to see an equal contest and I don't think that's what we're getting in this campaign.
      • War serves a good purpose when it is an equal fight.

  • 2

    (capable, adequate)
    equal to sth


  • 1

    igual masculino, femenino
    my boss treats me as an equal mi jefe me trata como a su igual / como a un igual / de igual a igual
    • I am her equal in experience and talent tengo tanta experiencia y talento como ella
    • Bergerac has an under-appreciated white wine, Monbazillac, that is almost the equal of many Sauternes and much less expensive.
    • He was now a land owner - the equal of his former employers.
    • The stairways and the timbers used have had few equals in the present day.
    • Consider the statement: Women are, and should be treated as, the equals of men.
    • At last, an intelligent email from an intellectual equal.
    • In the pantheon of funnymen, Rodney was, and still is, without equal.
    • I've eaten at a lot of Chinese restaurants on three different continents, and this was easily the equal of the best of them.
    • Marina, on the other hand, is pretty, uninhibited, and not Holly's intellectual equal.
    • In any event, the dishes were the equal of anything I've ever tasted anywhere in the world.
    • Indeed, one of the fundamental demands of striking workers in the preceding years was to be treated as the equal of their masters.
    • I think that winning the Champions League would allow us to step up to another level and to become the equal of the great European clubs.
    • A dozen short stories precede the novella, a reminder that while Updike may not be the equal of, say, Carver, in that genre he has few equals among his contemporaries.
    • Vegetarians' concern for animals and their refusal to treat animals cruelly does not mean that they regard animals as equals.
    • But generally, the standard is high - these funny and charming wannabes are the equal of many stand-ups I've seen on the circuit.
    • The SAS is Great Britain's most elite force, the equal of any special forces group in the world.
    • For Juliet the relief must come from realising she has produced an album the equal of, if not better than, ‘Burn The Black Suit’.
    • She had never done so before, but she doubted that she was meant to be his intellectual equal anymore.
    • In the United States, most things are done by the private sector, and most things here are at least the equal of their counterparts everywhere in the world.
    • Now we can negotiate as equals with the administration.
    • I consider myself one of the best producers in New York, and she's easily my equal, if not my superior.

verbo transitivo equaling, equaled, equalling, equalled

  • 1

    ser igual a
    three times three equals nine tres por tres son nueve / es igual a nueve
    • let x equal 4 supongamos que x es igual a 4
    • no work equals no money si no trabajan, no cobran
    • The first thing to note about the 8% figure quoted by the prime minister is that it does not equal the amount of total EU income spent on health care.
    • Table VII shows that the number of paper-cutting opportunities nearly equaled the total number of paper-folding opportunities in the ten textbooks.
    • Euler asserts that the sum of the harmonic series equals the natural logarithm of infinity plus a quantity that is nearly a constant.
    • For example, total charges must equal total credits.
    • The total amount of the invoice equalled the amount of finance available, namely £14.5 millions.
    • A circle and square have an equal area only if the ratio between a side of the square and a radius of the circle equals the square root of pi.
    • To emphasize the nature of rent as a surplus, George notes that wages plus returns to capital goods equal the total produce minus rent.
    • But since equity equals assets minus total debt, a company decreases its equity by increasing debt.
    • Net consumption divided by total capital invested equals a rate of profit of 11.11%.
    • The amount equals the compensation the European Union is seeking for the impact of the tax breaks on businesses in the union.
    • Under our assumptions, $.50 divided by 1.5 equals $.33.
    • The formula that represents power density is watts times time, divided by spot size, equals power density.
    • The cost would roughly equal the amount currently spent by oil companies on petroleum exploration and production.
    • Regional totals of disease incidence or patients receiving treatment often do not equal the sum of published country specific figures.
    • The net worth of the 30 richest Americans equals approximately $500 billion.
    • Yet 371 people were arrested, equaling approximately 40 people per incident.
    • Daily calcium intake should equal approximately 1500 mg of elemental calcium.
    • Total seed number per plant equals the sum of seeds over all mature fruits.
    • Exports of such services equalled 0.6 percent of all exports of goods and services in 2000.
    • Your daily calorie intake should equal approximately 13 times your body weight if you're active.
  • 2

    (record/time) igualar
    no other tenor can equal him es un tenor sin igual
    • This time the Trophy Match equalled the flawless performance of the other two.
    • Publicly, she may well claim she aims to smash her final imprint into the record book, equalling the record of 20 Wimbledon titles garnered by Billie Jean King.
    • Browne's time in the 60m sprint equalled his best performance this year, which has him ranked in the top 10 nationally.
    • With the big serves in today's tennis, I'm not sure this match will ever be equalled.
    • The women's fourth-place finish equaled their best ever performance set at last year's conference meet while the men's fifth-place finish was one better than last year.
    • One of the main differences between the sides was that the losers could not equal the performances of a number of players in key positions.
    • Graeme Smith's South Africa needed a win to equal Australia's world record of 21 unbeaten matches set in 2003.
    • The record was not equalled until August this year by Arsene Wenger's awesome Arsenal side.
    • Airports consume land, energy and dumping capacity at rates rarely equalled anywhere else.
    • McEvoy equalled the course record and snatched the halfway lead, before tailing off.
    • The time of 2: 15.10 on a firm course equals the course record.
    • How could he have done something to equal what I had done?
    • His fury at his compatriots is only equalled by his contempt for the Americans.
    • You were a true professional, whose paranoia equalled only my own.
    • His love of sport was only equalled by his developed love of history.
    • Unfortunately for Mackie, the men managed to equal that feat within the next two hours.
    • At Goodwood today, it is odds-on that a horse will equal a feat not seen in 30 years.
    • Five centuries - equalling the best ever total in a best-of - 25-frames match - were the highlights.
    • He already has equaled his stolen base total from 1999.
    • He has now scored five tries in just three appearances this season, equalling his total for the entire 1998 season and out-stripping the two he managed last term.