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ecuatorial, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɛkwəˈtɔriəl/ /ˌɛkwəˈtɔːrɪəl/

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    • Physical Rwanda occupies a mountainous region where the equatorial climate is modified by the altitude.
    • These are all in circular prograde orbits near Neptune's equatorial plane, and they probably formed in place.
    • With its equatorial climate, Bushara Island is truly ideal.
    • Hydrogen in lesser concentrations also was detected in the equatorial regions.
    • Of these poor and disenfranchised, the majority live a marginal existence in equatorial climates.
    • The mountain spans five climate zones from the equatorial to the arctic.
    • It is a rich, green environment that provides a year-round equatorial climate.
    • Low-lying plains sprawl across half the equatorial region in the shape of a scorpion.
    • There are two dry seasons and two rainy seasons, but the equatorial climate is very hot and humid year-round.
    • Although most of the world was dry, climate stratification allowed a narrow equatorial tropical belt to develop.
    • The climate is equatorial with high temperatures, high humidity, and heavy rainfall, although there is no distinct wet season.
    • Chambers are subspherical to incipiently squat, in some cases bulging slightly in their equatorial regions.
    • This map shows the concentration of water vapour close to the soil around the equatorial region of Mars.
    • The warm water and air masses move eastward across the equatorial region, until they reach the west coast of the Americas.
    • This was clearly the intent of its designers, since the equatorial and polar regions are of particular interest.
    • The area has an equatorial climate that is very cool and wet, with thick evergreen forests surrounding the tea farms.
    • The climate is equatorial with a mean annual rainfall of 1200 mm and a mean annual temperature of 25°C.
    • The island has an equatorial climate, with little variation in temperature throughout the year.
    • The rivalry between the European colonial powers in Africa reached a peak in these unclaimed and unexplored regions of the equatorial belt.
    • The climate was equatorial, with little annual fluctuation in day length or temperature.