Translation of equestrian in Spanish:


ecuestre, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈkwɛstriən/ /ɪˈkwɛstrɪən/ /ɛˈkwɛstrɪən/

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    (skills) ecuestre
    (sports) hípico
    (sports) ecuestre
    • But by 300 BC, these tribes had acquired horses and used their equestrian skills to develop very effective cavalry tactics.
    • His farming enterprises are a herd of suckler cows and horses, which compete in the equestrian sport of eventing up to and including international level.
    • Horse breeding and equestrian sports have always been recognised by the society as an integral part of this activity.
    • Anything we can do to raise awareness of equestrian sport will be beneficial.
    • Moreover, those responsible for the more traditional equestrian sports may have feared losing players to one that is particularly exciting to play as well as to watch.
    • The monarch, an equestrian sports fan, was taking a carriage ride through the forest near Windsor Castle when she came upon a clearing that looked perfect for racing.
    • This game is on the increase and is certainly a very interesting equestrian sport.
    • Also placing the International Sport Horse Show on the equestrian map was the staging of a top-class showjumping grand prix on Saturday.
    • With Schumann, Ullrich and the equestrian dressage team, the Germans had their best day of the Games with three gold medals to lift spirits deflated by a below-par Olympics so far.
    • It was at school that she discovered she shared her parents' interest in horses and equestrian sports, as well as other sports like field hockey and gymnastics.
    • Active in many sports, Reeve owned several horses and competed in equestrian events regularly.
    • From age five until 12 she was learning equestrian riding.
    • Laurel called to them, speaking of their snooty old riding instructor at the equestrian academy the girls had attended together most of their lives.
    • The most disciplined and demanding equestrian sport, dressage, was in its full glory at Woorree Park at the weekend.
    • Besides dog and cat events, 2004's exhibition sees the introduction of equestrian stands which will promote responsible horse care and give a greater insight into equestrian sports.
    • To join the unit, officers undergo a basic six-month training course, which includes equestrian skills and looking after the horses.
    • In fact, when we moved to California, I also tried gymnastics and competed in equestrian riding for many years.
    • She told them that her sister liked horses and was on an equestrian team.
    • Due to Australia's immigration laws for horses, the 1956 equestrian events were held separately in Stockholm.
    • Polo is a highly demanding equestrian sport that combines the skills of the rider and the performance of the horse.


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    (horseman) jinete masculine
    (horsewoman) amazona feminine
    • The riders all are life-long equestrians with from 12-30 years in endurance competitions.
    • The popular show features talented equestrians who, with their American Paint Horses, vie for more than $264,000 in prize money and prestigious World Championship titles.
    • Be prepared to meet fellow equestrians on these popular trails.
    • Trail rules require that bikers yield to hikers and equestrians.
    • Each year, equestrians from all across the United States participate in horse shows to qualify to compete at Washington.
    • Horse cookies make a wonderful gift for other equestrians on your shopping list, so be creative this holiday season!
    • I can't assign you a horse straight up, but I can sense what kind of horse would be good for which rider, although I often let the more experienced equestrians pick for themselves.
    • The riding school provides group and individual classes for equestrians of all ages and abilities who get to saddle up one of 11 horses and ponies.
    • A NEW road surface in Grassington is proving too smooth a ride for local equestrians who fear a serious accident could be imminent.
    • One of Brazil's top equestrians, he was a member of the Brazilian showjumping team that won a bronze medal in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and another in 2000 in Sydney.
    • At Lake Oroville, State Parks initiated a public process where hikers, equestrians, bicyclists and other stakeholders could participate in decision-making.
    • One study, conducted in 1994 in Montana, tracked 100 passages by hikers, bikers, equestrians and motorcyclists over control plots on two trails in national forests.
    • There is something deeply surreal about sitting in a bar in Bilbao and watching Australian equestrians compete in the Olympics with the commentary in Spanish.
    • Making the cloth on one of the museum's looms will help to reduce costs for equestrians.
    • Garrs End Lane is a quiet, safe, level walk well suited to mothers with young children, cyclists, the elderly, the infirm and equestrians and is very popular with residents and visitors alike.
    • Speedway lore dates the races to early last century, when black stable hands who worked for wealthy equestrians would bring their mounts here for a little weekend racing.
    • The equestrians now have a nice place to ride as the Houston Airport System has done a number of improvements on the land to encourage daily use by the Airport Rangers.
    • Trails are open to hiking, biking, skating, and equestrians.
    • Mountain bikers should work with hikers and equestrians.
    • It's such a rugged topography that equestrians generally don't bother.