Translation of equilibrium in Spanish:


equilibrio, n.

Pronunciation /ˌikwəˈlɪbriəm/ /ˌɛkwəˈlɪbriəm/ /ˌiːkwɪˈlɪbrɪəm/ /ˌɛkwɪˈlɪbrɪəm/

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nounplural equilibriums, plural equilibria

  • 1

    equilibrio masculine
    to be in equilibrium estar en equilibrio
    • An orderly life includes mental as well as physical equilibrium, and shunning all evil thoughts.
    • Earth, unlike the other solar planets, is not in physical equilibrium.
    • Once detached from the gland and ring, respectively, the cell and bubble become spherical to achieve physical equilibrium.
    • Here also it is advisable to upset his physical equilibrium.
    • The key to good health, according to this theory, is for the energy channels to be unblocked, allowing the energy to surge freely around the body once more so you achieve a state of balance or equilibrium.
    • It is essential that human beings know their own bodies so well that they can follow the normal daily routine without disturbing the balance or equilibrium of the body.
    • Travel sickness, or motion sickness, is an unpleasant, temporary disturbance of your sense of balance and equilibrium that occurs while travelling by sea, road or air.
    • Striking at or otherwise upsetting the center of gravity can cause the object to lose its balance, or equilibrium, and fall to the ground.
    • His black wings flapped vainly in the wind and water as they tried to regain the precious equilibrium of balance.
    • After we recovered our equilibrium, we walked for miles around this bit of Windsor Park.
    • The receptor organ of posture and equilibrium is a composite one located in the semicircular canals, the utricle, and the saccule of the inner ear.
  • 2

    calma feminine
    • It might appear from the above that postures, breathing techniques and sensory control automatically purge the mind of distractions and bring about equilibrium and calm.
    • I certainly felt bound to the river for restoring my equilibrium, for calming my senses and for providing me with an escape from the city.
    • He'd clearly achieved equilibrium as he calmed down until, noticing he wasn't packing his stuff, the checkout woman tried to help him.
    • He clipped his helmet to his belt and stood swaying while his mind regained its equilibrium.
    • But it also restores the mental equilibrium we need to recover after the stresses and strains imposed by daily life.
    • Usually, a hypoglycemic patient does not manifest a sense of mental equilibrium and tranquillity.
    • Rejuvenating a person and enabling him/her to cope better, these techniques re-establish spiritual equilibrium and mental-well being.
    • Holders of such rigid views tend to reject any new information that may disturb their cognitive equilibrium.
    • I lay on her couch and marvelled at the effect a humble tuning fork in F sharp could have on one's mental equilibrium.
    • As the warm cream circulates back up through the body, the internal organs are purified, the skin becomes radiant, and the equilibrium of body and mind is restored.
    • Inner confidence, optimism, equilibrium and a positive state of the mind - all go a long way to total recovery.
    • My mental equilibrium improves when I resume the repetitive motion of jiggling my knee, or tapping my foot, or lightly kicking the table leg, etc.
    • The traumatic loss of its antennae should deal a devastating blow to the creature's mental equilibrium and may nullify its telepathic abilities.
    • Women who earn more than their husbands are said to be a threat to their spouses' pride and mental equilibrium.
    • She's settling in just fine, and seeing her every few days is helping my mental equilibrium.
    • By 1921 he had recovered from heavy dependence on drugs, but he never fully regained mental equilibrium.
    • In that sense, a modest form of depression is like a state of mental equilibrium.
    • All such activities lead to achieving perfect mental equilibrium to control the senses.
    • Part of the challenge with a team must be keeping an emotional anchor or equilibrium as exhaustion and physical stress accumulate.