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equidad, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɛkwədi/ /ˈɛkwɪti/

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  • 1formal

    equidad femenino formal
    • It was based on principles of equity, people-centredness, quality and accountability.
    • Where are the health strategy principles of quality, equity, and accessibility?
    • The focus here has rarely been on equity or on a fair deal for the poor.
    • Rather, we should be working towards the election of a national Government that cares about equity, and a fair go for all.
    • His concern was not for the fee income lost, however, but because discounting would undermine principles of fairness and equity.
    • The spokeswoman said the commission is guided by a principle of equity and fairness for all students.
    • Almost no conservatives argue against the principle of gender equity.
    • It is an extremely important principle, one of equity and anti-discrimination.
    • Standards weren't perfect before, but there was a degree of equity in the treatment.
    • He said he was a socialist who believed in justice, fair play and equity and was proud of this.
    • These do not have perpetual obligation, except in the case of civil laws, as general wisdom and equity may demand.
    • Fairness and equity are bedrock Labour principles, and they are reflected in this Budget.
    • Nevertheless the whole episode showed the wisdom and equity of the rain check in American football.
    • The view of equity as equal treatment was reflected in the expressed beliefs of the teachers in our study.
    • But a declining commitment to global equity is inconsistent with our evolving brand.
    • The argument for coursework seems to be one from equity: that it is fairer to those who ‘aren't so good at exams’.
    • As director general my priorities would be driven by a commitment to equity and alleviation of disparities.
    • They are also important tools for building a more democratic and equitable food system, and for generating sustainable growth with equity.
    • Our family of hospitals is wholeheartedly committed to equity and equality.
    • Educators must take the responsibility to expand and enhance commitments to gender equity.
  • 2

    Comercio Finanzas
    • 2.1(shareholders' interest in company)

      patrimonio neto masculino
      equity capital capital propio
      • The board of IDBI Bank will meet on May 19 to consider a rights issue of its equity shares.
      • They align incentives around enterprise-level outcomes such as market share and return on equity.
      • Like all convertible bonds, CoCos can be swapped for equity if the share price reaches a certain target.
      • The equity share portfolios are managed as controlled or as pro-actively advised portfolios.
      • Measures of revenue and profit are more volatile than the book value of shareholders' equity.
      • Funds beyond the 1 percent level would be used to reward faculty or address market and equity issues.
      • Most people don't know much about financing and equity issues, so they tend to need a lot of information in this area.
      • Much will depend on equity markets and merger and acquisition activity continuing in a healthy state.
      • Increases above this amount will be based on individual merit and market or equity issues.
      • The scandal was a contributing factor to a slide in world equity markets, knocking billions off stock values.
      • The group has increased its cash holdings since becoming worried, a few months ago, that equity valuations are looking stretched.
      • With a lousy economy and a sinking stock market, equity funds were doomed.
      • The company has the option to convert 65 per cent of its equity into company shares.
      • It might be through equity - owning a share of some oil businesses.
      • Managers have been encouraged to address equity and market issues as well as they can with limited funds.
      • The company recouped losses in the second quarter from equity market losses.
      • It provides equity capital to enterprises not quoted on a stock market.
      • It is also likely that the issue of equity will be aggravated by the accession of poorer countries from Eastern Europe in the medium term.
      • We aim to provide committed, long term equity to the business and its shareholders.
      • A stance should be taken on taxing dividends from equity mutual fund schemes.

    • 2.2(residual worth)

      participación en el capital femenino
      • The equity in the properties appears to be in the region of £9 million.
      • While living in his house, he refinanced it repeatedly, pulling out equity to buy other properties.
      • As a result, the ratio of mortgage debt to home equity is at near-record highs.
      • Banks will lend money for additional land depending on the amount of equity and security the farmer has.
      • Releasing equity in a property can be a convenient source of funds, but it isn't always an appropriate plan, given the additional debt burden.
      • As a long-term investment, property is quite favorable as investors can borrow at low rates and use the free equity in one property to buy another.
      • This is often done by selling their existing property, releasing equity and then living in a caravan on site while the project commences.
      • Under the loans scheme, homeowners and landlords can release equity from their properties to carry out urgent and major work.
      • It is estimated at this stage that net equity in the properties is in the region of £600,000.
      • If I were a first-time buyer today without any other equity in property, I could not afford to buy it.
      • Many people choose to draw equity from their UK properties rather than having to take out a new mortgage.
      • But relying solely on rising house prices to create equity in your property is precarious to say the least.
      • That way you'd end up with a big mortgage, not much equity, no investments and a cold retirement.
      • Home equity loans with tax deductible interest payments are used to pay for vacation trips.
      • It appears that the amount of equity we have in our homes has tripled in value over the last decade.
      • Should you move after living in a home for only a few years, you may have little or no equity in the property.
      • When that new mortgage was registered, there was clearly equity in the property.
      • A cash-out involves refinancing your mortgage and taking your equity out in cash.
      • Divorcees tend to have a fair amount of equity but, especially if you don't have a full-time job, a relatively low income.
      • Perhaps the value of your home has shot up so much in the last few years that you feel comfortable knowing that you are sitting on a fair amount of equity.

    • 2.3equities plural(shares)

      valores de renta variable masculino
      the equities market el mercado de valores
      • They can now invest in a complete range of assets from property to equities and bonds.
      • Many investors act primarily as consumers of equities rather than as shared proprietors.
      • Today, the herd talks of giving up on equities just when stocks have never been cheaper.
      • Investors who shy away from the risk of equities and the negligible interest on cash savings may prefer to buy bonds.
      • Under the proposed changes councils will be allowed to buy shares and equities and invest on the money markets.
      • Cynics say the sudden revival in private investors' interest in equities is also a sign that the best is over.
      • The funds can buy equities, sell short and leverage their best ideas by buying and selling options.
      • It is too early to call the top for equities because shares prices tend to carry on rising even when the interest rate cycle has turned.
      • The balance of probability still favours equities outperforming bonds in the medium term.
      • The choices will range from low risk to medium risk managed funds invested in a mix of equities.
      • Historically equities have tended to outperform all other investment asset classes.
      • One advantage of corporate bonds over equities for investors is what happens if the company falls on hard times.
      • The fund invests in gold mining company shares and has a small holding in platinum and silver equities.
      • Income arising from dividends from equities, life assurance products and pensions will not be affected.
      • As a group, equities receive a double plus weighting, bonds a double minus and cash is labelled a zero.
      • It is noteworthy that property has now outperformed Irish equities in each of the last five years.
      • Investors are likely to become appreciably richer by investing in equities, rather than bonds or cash.
      • Now may well be a sensible time to reconsider the merits of equities, and growth stocks in particular.
      • This is very good news for highly geared economies, such as the US and UK, and of course for equities.
      • When equities are climbing, investors' only concern is the share price.

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